Limited Edition Adidas Sneakers Are Selling For Thousands Of Dollars On Ebay

Pairs of Adidas Blackburn SPEZIALS are hard to come by, hence why people are willing to part with tens of thousands of dollars for them.

It's hard to say why people love to collect things so much. Normally, when someone collects a certain item or series of items, those items will never be used. They might not ever leave the safety of their cardboard boxes. Toys, games, dolls, all items that are collected around the world and if rare enough, can fetch an awful lot of money in mint condition.

Sneakers and shoes are another item some people love to collect and again, many collectors will buy certain pairs with absolutely no intention of ever wearing them. Considering the very limited number of Adidas Blackburn SPEZIALS that were created and sold recently, it is highly unlikely that any of them will actually ever be worn.

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Only 160 pairs of SPEZIALS were made, reports LadBible, and all of those pairs were sold in just one store last Friday. They retailed at $120, so not a crazy price for a pair of top-notch sneakers, and sold out almost instantly to the long queue of people waiting for the store to open. By the weekend, a number of pairs had made their way onto eBay.

Turns out the Adidas fans who missed out on the SPEZIALS are willing to pay a lot of money for the special sneakers. There are currently a handful of auctions with varying prices, and Mirror Online reports that one has gone as high as $68,000. Most seem to be sitting between $30,000 and $40,000, so still quite the mark up on the original $120 the sellers will have paid for them.

Sneaker collector Andy took time off work and queued in front of the store to ensure he bagged himself a pair for his collection. He was joined by other avid collectors and told reporters how disappointing it was to see people who were clearly only there to sell on the shoes eventually show up and join the queue. It's a shame that there wasn't a way to only sell the sneakers to people who genuinely wanted them, but we guess that's life.

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