10 Adorable Halloween Costumes For Babies

Halloween is right around the corner, and this time brings scary movies, yummy candy, festive parties and amazing costumes. We can probably all agree on one thing: seeing babies dressed up for Halloween is almost too much! There is just something about cute little humans with wigs and disguises and face paint and strange wardrobes that is oh so cute.

Which is why this list exists! Down below, we have rounded up 10 of the most adorable Halloween costumes for babies. Some are trendy. Some are based around animals. Some are magical and mystical. All of them are great ideas for those of you who are still searching for that perfect costume for your kid. Even if you already have costumes picked out and/or even if you don’t have children, you should still enjoy this read. These babies are all so lovely, and when they are dressed up. Well, it will make your day and your Halloween season complete. That is for sure!

So keep scrolling, because down below, there are 10 different Halloween costumes for kiddos of all types.

10 Pumpkin Spice Latte

Via: This Is Insider

Another great thing about this time of the year – besides the costumes – is pumpkin spice flavored everything. That being said, PSL lovers should totally just dress their babies like these yummy drinks! The green straw from Starbucks on the cap. The options for decaf, syrup and so on on the shirt. The fall theme is so cute and is especially perfect for those who can’t get enough caffeine in their lives.

9 Peacock

Via: This Is Insider

Another super cute way to go when it comes to kid-friendly Halloween costumes it to think of animals – like a colorful peacock. This plush little outfit envelopes this child, turning him/her into the most adorable bird ever. Plus, all those bright feathers are so pretty – just like on a real peacock!

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8 The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Via: Project Nursery

Another animal to copy during this time is a caterpillar, particularly the one from the classic children’s book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. This is also a literary-inspired pick. This option is perfect for newborn babies, since they can be swaddled up in a mock cocoon, keeping them safe, secure, and so cute. Crafty readers could even knit their own version of this. That fun cap with antennas could even be worn in real life, as the weather gets even cooler.

7 Carl From Up

Via: Corner Stork Baby Gifts

We have established that dressed-up kids are even cuter than average kiddos, but kids dressed up as old people? That takes it to a whole new level. The most adorable elderly person to dress up as is, of course, Carl from Pixar’s Up. The tiny walker, the thick glasses, and the bright balloons are all just so perfect. Family members could even join in, dressing up as Ellie, Russell, Dug, and Kevin!

6 Bat

Via: Woman's Day

Okay, we have one more animal on this list: a bat! It goes well with Halloween, and it is another super cute option. Those little wings and ears transform this baby into a spooktacular, bootiful, and ready-for-trick-or-treating kiddo. Bring on the candy, for the parents/guardians, of course!

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5 Scarecrow

Via: The Whoot

This image is popular on Pinterest and we just had to include it. Not only is it so sweet, but it is also another DIY option. You'll need layers of tulle, in fabulous fall colors, which will bring the entire look together. Simply add a sunflower, a hat, and some face paint, and this girl is good to go! She could even go along with an entire family dressed as fall creatures and critters or dressed as the cast from The Wizard Of Oz.

4 Peas In A Pod

Via: InStyle

Here is something we haven’t included – a vegetable. The best way to go when thinking of veggies, in our opinion, is with a pea suit. This would be extra cute if there was more than one baby, to complete the peas in pods! Food-inspired costumes can be super fun, but this one is our fave, by far.

3 Monster

Via: Halloween Costumes

Some parents want a scarier costume for their kids. While we could list out numerous examples that are truly spooky (little Edward Scissorhands, baby Freddy Krueger, tiny Chucky from Child’s Play…), we want to stick to “cute” here. That brings us to this monster costume, which is a little bit creepy and a whole lot of darling!

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2 Unicorn

Via: 730 Sage Street

Another choice in the magical and mystical realm is a unicorn. People can currently find rainbow-colored everything right now, since unicorns and mermaids are very “in”. Therefore, we love this trendy and unique design for bright and bubbly babies. We would love to see it on a whole host of babies!

1 Salt & Pepper

Via: Always Katie

Last but not least, we have this amazing pick for twins, siblings or best friends. With some more tulle, sweet little babes can transform into salt and pepper shakers! This one is definitely original, which we love. It is also easy, which is nice. Of course, it is super cute, rounding out this list of super adorable Halloween options for babies!

So if you are looking for a sweet costume for your kid, we have got you. If you need a funky idea for your children, this list has you covered. If you are just here to ooh and aah over precious babies in pretty adorable costumes, we totally understand! The Halloween season is one of the best times of the year, for so, so, so many reasons. But seeing young people enjoy this time, while pretending to be someone or something else in fun and fab costumes, makes it even more magical. We hope you enjoyed these ideas, and we can’t wait to see all of your Halloween costumes this year. Whether you are a cute little baby or not)!

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