10 Adorable Names For Your Pet

Pets are such a great addition to every family. People who grew up with a dog or a cat know that to be true. They have tons of amazing memories and their pet was their best friend.

For people who have just added a sweet four-legged companion to their lives or those who are just starting to look into the process, we have some great name suggestions for your new fur baby!

These 10 names are adorable and would be great for any pet.

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10 Max


If you met a dog named Max, wouldn't you think that he or she was the cutest ever? Of course! This is a perfect name for a dog and the best part is that it works for a female or male. After all, girls and boys can both be named Max.

Just picture it now: you, your roommate or boyfriend or girlfriend, and a sweet little dog named Max. Everyone who meets him or her will think that you picked out the most adorable name... they might even be so impressed that they ask you to help them to name their dog, too!

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9 Susie


There are two kinds of names that you can give to a pet: a name that sounds like something that a pet would have, or a name that is essentially a human name.

Some people may name their dog Susan, and you might love that idea and think that's exactly what you want to do. Or you might want your pet to have a name that sounds a bit more like something that a dog would have.

Why not go with Susie? Susie the dog just sounds good and it's definitely adorable. You will absolutely get compliments and people will tell you that it's the perfect name.

8 Claude


What about when you're naming a cat? You still want the name to be as adorable as possible, but you might not be sure where to start. If you name your cat Claude, you're guaranteed to have picked one of the cutest names out there.

Claude the cat sounds awesome, almost like it could be a children's book. It's a bit more elegant and sophisticated than your typical name, but it's still cute since it's one syllable and fairly simple to spell. Chances are, your cat will appreciate having such a cool name – well as much as a cat could!

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7 Spot


Spot might be a more familiar name for a dog and something that you've heard before, but that's fine, because it really is one of the most adorable names, isn't it?

If you name your dog Spot, you should get prepared to hear compliments on their name everywhere that you go. Everytime that someone meets your dog, they'll for sure say, "What an awesome name." Plus, you can pat yourself on the back for this great name choice. As well, a dog named Spot just has to be adorable. It's a fact and it's just the way that things go.

6 Jamie


Maybe you love the idea of giving a dog a human name because it's something different and would make you stand out from everyone else you know who has given their dogs traditional dog names. That's fair.

When it comes to human names for dogs, Jamie would be a really adorable one.

You can also go with James since that's another name that just sounds cute, but there's something special about Jamie. It's also gender neutral which is helpful when you're set on a name but haven't actually picked a pup yet.

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5 Lena


Lena is an awesome name for a cat that is unique and unexpected. You don't really meet cats named Lena, do you? Nope, not really... whether on a regular basis or at all. Yet if you met a cat named Lena, you would definitely say to yourself, "That's an adorable name."

If you give a cat this name, you'll be the one hearing all of those statements because people will love your decision.

4 Alex


Alex could definitely be an adorable name for a cat, and it works for a dog. You might think that it works better for a dog, though, which is totally fair!

There are some dogs that you look at and just instantly know what their name should be. Sometimes, that name is Alex and you better hope those in your social circle with the name have a good sense of humor!

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3 Rory


Rory is a great name that is not only adorable but it works for either a cat or a dog. It also works for females and males.

If you're a fan of Gilmore Girls, you can channel those coffee-loving vibes when you name your dog Rory. Don't be surprised if your dog cozies up to you when you're drinking a cup of joe and reading. They'll totally be a bookworm, just like the TV Rory.

2 Clarissa


Clarissa is an adorable name for a girl, and it definitely stands out, which is another good thing! There's no reason to be part of the crowd when you can be your wonderful, unique self.

Why not give your cat a really unique name that is also adorable? If that's what you want to do, then name your cat Clarissa and you'll have a winner.

Like Claude, Clarissa is a name that is both cute and really sophisticated. It'll make people think, "Wow, they really found an interesting name for their cat."

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1 Rags


Awwww. Doesn't the name Rags make you want to have a dog right this instant? Maybe if you already have a dog, you're wishing that you had named them Rags, and if you don't have a dog yet but want to add one to your family, this is another potential name.

Rags is, hands down, one of the most adorable names out there. It brings to mind a sweet dog who always curls up in bed with you and sits at your feet while you eat dinner or watch TV. Everyone wants that, right?!

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