Adorable French Bulldog Loves Working Out On The Treadmill... But There's A Catch

There is nothing cuter than watching an animal walk on a treadmill. One French bulldog is proving he can strut his stuff when it comes to exercise, but there is one catch to the dog's workout routine. He doesn't do it unless he is going to get something out of it and being fit is not what we are talking about.

Eight-year-old Teddy lives in Chicago, and he has one demand if his owner wants him to get on a treadmill: cookies. A video of the adorable dog eating cookies while he spends some time walking on the treadmill is making the rounds on social media.

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The video showcases Teddy during one of his workouts. His owner holds a cookie at the top of the treadmill, so the dog has to walk his way up the belt to get the treat. However, once he has the treat in his mouth, it is back down the belt he goes. It is as though he is saying "Done! Got my treat! This exercising thing is over", but little does he know his owner has a master plan.

Teddy slides down the belt only to have his owner hold out another treat at the top.  He doesn't miss a beat as he walks back up to his treat. Although, Teddy doesn't get it right away. His owner encourages Teddy will walk a little more before giving him the cookie. No, the owner is not being mean at all. In fact, he has nothing but love for his dog based on the video.

It is unclear why Teddy has to spend time on the treadmill or how giving him cookies is really benefitting his exercise. Perhaps it is all in good fun, and the owner did it merely to share a cute video of his adorable French Bulldog, who knows! But one thing is for sure, the video is adorable and Teddy is all about those cookies.

Would you give your pet a treat to make them walk on a treadmill or do any other form of exercise? Let us know your thoughts about Teddy in the comments!

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