Adorable 'Ragdoll' Cat Richard Loves Sliding Across The Floor

It is rare that cats like to be disturbed, but Richard is all about his owner moving him around. In fact, in the video, it appears as though the two have created a new game out it, as Richard is continually running back for more. The fluffy cat seriously can't get enough of his owner sliding him around on the floor, and honestly, it looks pretty fun.

Richard's owner gets the feline's attention and then once the cat is near him, lays the cat down and slides him across the floor. It is obvious this is all in good fun, and there is absolutely no harm being done to the white cat. As mentioned, Richard keeps running back for another push across the floor. There is even a bounce in the cat's step as he makes his way back to his owner.

Besides how cute the video is, another funny aspect is the unnamed cat standing by and watching. The look on the cat's face says it all; he is not happy about Richard being slid across the floor. If looks could kill, the owner is definitely in big trouble because the other cat is shooting daggers. Perhaps this bystander cat is jealous of all the attention Richard is getting. Also, there is a moment in the video where Richard kind of bumps into him, so that is probably another issue the cat had with the whole situation. No touchy!

There is no better way to brighten a day than to watch the video of Richard the "Ragdoll" cat being slid across the floor like a sack of potatoes. Although Richard is having a wonderful time, he does seem to get tuckered out towards the end of the video. You can tell he is tired, as he gets up and just kind of stands there. He is adorable, and both of his owners appear to love him very much.

The video has gone viral with Richard making oh so many people happy with his daily shenanigans.

What did you think about the cat who liked being tossed around like a ragdoll, in a friendly not harmful way? Let us know your thoughts about this feline in the comments!


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