This Adorable Robot Is Super Helpful

The adorable RoboPin robot is super helpful and if all goes well, could be the future of robotic assistants.

As technology continues to develop, it is a fact that the role of robots in human’s day-to-day life is increasing. Look at Alexa or Cortonna or even Siri, which are all basically robots helping out people on a daily basis, and see how much impact each has on a person's life.

RoboPin is the latest development by Fujitsu. It is not only really cute but also very helpful, as the robot is designed to play the role of entertainer, advertiser, informer and helper. RoboPin has a round head with a cyclops-eye camera and flipper-like arms that will remind you of the Disney movie Wall-E. The robot is designed to be approachable and people at the Fujitsu Forum in Tokyo found it to be exactly that.

Fujitsu is primarily using the robot as a way to get people interested in products for now. They have partnered with Taiwanese Family Mart stores, in which RoboPin will essentially pull people towards a specific product, inform the people about the product and share how to purchase it. The concept is similar to digital signage, except with a robot.

Despite being used as a way of advertising right now, the cute little robot has a lot of potential. The company hopes to utilize RoboPin in other remote areas, such as the medical field. Fujitsu believes that down the road the robot can be used as a remote doctor, where patients tell the robot their symptoms, get diagnosed and facial recognition allows for records to be kept on each person. It sounds very crazy but let's be real the likelihood of this happening is high.

Right now RoboPin can only be found in Japan, as the company officially launched it at Fujitsu Forum. The robot is in the very early stages of potential. It is really being used as a glorified billboard, but if the company is right, the possibilities are endless. RoboPin is a very cute little robot, which is all about lending a helping hand and someday could be your personal assistant.


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