20 Adult Jokes Kids Missed In Nintendo Games

Nintendo has done well to gain the reputation of a fairly family friendly company and even though more mature titles will get released on Nintendo consoles, they tend to skew in the opposite direction and play to that strength. That being said, video games are large, complex tapestries of content and it’s easier than you’d think to hide something secret away.

Sometimes these hidden details match the tone of the title, but at other moments they’re opportunities for developers to stray outside the lines and maybe attempt something riskier. Often harmless, but usually still a lot of fun, Nintendo has a curious history with these kind of hidden goodies. So even though Nintendo maintains that squeaky clean image, there’s plenty of material that you’d never expect to find in their games. Accordingly, Here Are 20 Adult Jokes Kid Missed In Nintendo Games.

20 Link's "Lady Friend" In The Adventure Of Link

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The second Zelda game, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link has always been the black sheep in the series, mostly due to how it shakes up the formula and turns Link's quest into a side-scrolling adventure. The game utilizes an interesting tactic for Link to replenish his lost health. In each town, there's a "Lady in Red," who says to Link, "Please let me help you, come inside." Link quickly proceeds to enter and then exits with fully restored health. It's a weird idea, but one that still requires you to read between the lines.

19 Primeape Interpretation Of "Iron Tail"

PokePark Wii Pikachus Adventure Primeape Iron Tail
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The Pokémon franchise tends to skew towards younger audiences and as a result it's usually a wholesome, friendly experience that's appropriate for all ages. PokéPark Wii: Pikachu’s Adventure sees Pikachu on a mission to reassemble a broken artifact, but he also gets to learn moves and interact with other Pokémon. After Pikachu learns the technique Iron Tail and then approaches a Primeape, the Pokémon will make a rather crude joke and completely tip its hat to it: "I've mastered Iron Tail without a tail, and do you know what that means?" Perhaps it's because the PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure title was one of the more obscure Pokémon offshoots that this joke made it's way through, but it's still a shock.

18 Mega Man's Curious Fascination With His Sister Surrogate, Roll

Mega Man 64 Fist Pump
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Mega Man 64 (also known as Mega Man Legends) found great success by injecting the Mega Man characters into a 3D world with platforming elements that turned the title into a very different kind of experience. A large part of the game is Mega Man's bond with Roll, who very much acts like they're part of a family. There's an alarming moment where Mega Man accidentally walks in on Roll changing, but after the whole thing plays out, he actually congratulates himself with a bizarre fist pump gesture. This same act is taken to even more uncomfortable of places in Mega Man Legends 2, but that title never migrated over to a Nintendo console.

17 Some Rather Revealing Level Design In Kirby's Dream Land 2

Kirbys Dream Land 2 Female Anatomy Blocks
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Kirby has been a fan-favorite character of Nintendo for decades now and he's someone that can appeal to such a wide range of gamers because he has such a cute, simple design. Even many of his enemies look innocent at first glance. In what feels very much like the hidden sex messages hidden in Disney films by the animators as a way to amuse themselves, one level in Kirby's Dream Land 2 features a number of carefully placed blocks that resemble the naked body of a lady. It's a strange detail that's very easy to overlook at first glance.

16 Link's Obsession With Voyeurism In Link's Awakening

Links Awakening Mermaid Bra
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Link's Awakening was a milestone for the Zelda series since it finally moved the franchise to the handheld world. The game has a very unusual, surreal aesthetic to it, but that apparently also carries over to Link's behavior. On two separate occasions he's able to peek in on characters who are in states of undress, and they're not happy to see him. In the Japanese version of the title, a mermaid even loses her bikini top (it's a necklace overseas) and Link can check it out. It should be very curious to see what happens to these moments in the upcoming Switch remake.

15 Secret Hiding Place In Pokémon X And Y

Pokemon X And Y Bikini Pokeballs
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There's so much possible dialogue from trainers and NPCs in the Pokémon games that it's easy for something to slip between the cracks and get overlooked. In Pokémon X and Y, one of the random water-bound trainers that you encounter boasts over the fact that she's only wearing a bikini, yet she still apparently has Pokéballs stowed away somewhere. "If I'm wearing my bikini, where do I put my Pokéballs? Teehee... woman's secret." It's easy to breeze past this, but it certainly conjures some imaginative images...

14 Playboy Centerfolds In Secret Of Mana

Secret Of Mana Enticing Spell Centerfold
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The Secret of Mana series was always a sleeper hit in North America, but it's gained a newfound life with a recent Switch collection that even localizes unreleased titles. The RPG series from Square gets rather colorful when it comes to the "enticing spells" that can be cast. Characters will open a spellbook and reveal a centerfold picture of a naked lady who's meant to be "romanced."

13 Princess Peach's Secret Item

Super Mario RPG Toadstools Question Mark
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In Super Mario RPG, there's a section where you not only get to explore Princess Peach's castle, but you can get creative and really check out the geography of the place. It's possible to gain access to the Princess' private bedroom quarters and if you dig around between the furniture in the room and play detective, you'll find "Toadstool's ???". This is a surprising inclusion, but one that the game coyly doesn't elaborate on. Funnily enough, if you try to acquire the item before Peach is in your party, you'll be offered up a Mushroom in exchange to forget about ever seeing it, which still speaks to the humility of Peach's secret toy.

12 Palutena's Open Door Hot Spring Policy

Palutena Smash Bros Mid Section
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Kid Icarus Uprising is far from perfect, but for a moment it helped prove that the 3DS' 3D feature could actually be really impressive and more than just a gimmick. There's some rather snappy banter between Pit and Palutena throughout the whole game, but in the Space Pirate Fortress level, Pit asks if he can join Palutena in her hot spring. Her response is, "There's always room for one more," which certainly has... implications.

11 Candy Kong's Double Entendre In Donkey Kong 64

Donkey Kong 64 Candy Kong Poses
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Donkey Kong 64 isn't everyone's favorite entry from Rare in the Donkey Kong canon, but it introduces many new Kongs into the mix, as well as featuring radical new designs for some of the more ancillary characters. Candy Kong is a character that undergoes such a makeover and she's now a highly sexed up maturely proportioned character that wears revealing clothing. On top of that, if you enter her music shop as Donkey Kong, she'll say things to you like, "Stand a little closer and I'll show you how to use your instrument," and "I'll let you play with my instrument anytime you want."

10 Mega Man Checks Out Some Dirty Magazines

Mega Man 64 Dirty Magazines
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Mega Man 64 feels like a very different Mega Man experience because there are towns and whole communities for Mega Man to explore and interact with, instead of just some action-filled straight line. It's particularly entertaining to visit stores to stock up on items and hardware, but if you're particularly thorough in your search at the bookstore in the mall, Mega Man will encounter some dirty magazines. It feels weird to single them out at all and it'd be an easy edit, yet it remains.

9 Realistically Milking The Cows On 1-2-Switch

1-2-Switch Cow Milking
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1-2-Switch is nothing revelatory and maybe it'd amount to more than a fun distraction if it were just bundled with the console in the first place, a la Wii Sports. One of the more embarrassing elements in the title is a cow milking mini-game that involves you rapidly "milking" with your Joy-Con. The visuals that appear in the game don't help dispel any of this imagery either.

8 How Lucas Gets His Powers "Awakened"

Mother 3 Lucas Ionia Hot Spring
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Mother 3 is one of the most requested Nintendo titles of all time to receive a localization, but despite the evident popularity of the title, Nintendo has remained resistant. The reason that some have speculated is due to the game's highly unusual Magypsies, a cross-dressing group of highly powerful spiritual individuals. When one of them, Ionia, unlocks Lucas' full potential, the ceremony involves the two of them taking a bath together and then the screen going black with the following disconcerting dialogue: “Wait, just a little longer. Don’t fight it. Hold out just a bit more. Almost there.. O---K!” That's pretty questionable, especially when you can't see what's going on.

7 Tingle's "Admiration" For A Sexy Fairy

Tingle Hyrule Warriors Pose
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Tingle joined the Zelda universe in Majora's Mask and the world has never been the same since. This strange character has found an even stranger fandom through the years and he's even been blessed with three spin-off titles to celebrate him. Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland features a sequence where a shapely fairy thanks Tingle and goes to show her appreciation. As a result, Tingle's balloon greatly inflates to properly cover his "thanks" over all of this.

6 Twilight Princess' Agitha Has A Seriously Creepy Bug Fetish

Twilight Princess Agitha
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There have been plenty of weird characters and enemies to crop up through the Zelda series, but sometimes bad guys will work so hard to seem edgy and evil that they just come across as weird in the end. Agitha's a character that requests you bring her some exquisite bugs and when you complete this mission her excitement is a little alarming. She talks about the enjoyable feel of getting pincered by a beetle and dreams about snail baths in away that goes a little too far.

5 Some Very Naked Landscaping In Banjo-Tooie

Banjo-Tooie Terrydactyland Anatomy Scenery
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Rare has proven on many occasions that they have a pretty subtle sense of humor that they're not afraid to sneak into projects under the right circumstances. Terrdactyland in Banjo-Tooie has a very juvenile image in the form of its scenery, but it's only present if you really zoom out on the area, something that most gamers may not do. Once you see it though, it can't be unseen.

4 Snake Sizes Up Zero Suit Samus

Smash Bros Brawl Zero Suit Samus Snake
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Fans were elated when they learned that Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series would be joining the party in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Snake's inclusion is great, but what's even better is the attention to detail that's paid, like the inclusion of his codec calls that size up his opponents. His analysis of Zero Suit Samus includes Snake saying that he'd like to "test his skills" on her and it's clear that he has much more than fighting on the brain.

3 "Inking Your Splat Zone" In Splatoon

Splatoon 2 Marina Innuendo
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Look, the Splatoon titles build a unique universe that's perhaps a little too in love with its own slang, but it's such a fun world that it's hard to be too upset over it. The whole slimy, tentacle girl aesthetic is already a little problematic to begin with, but Splatoon 2 has a line that's so ridiculous it borders on being funnier than it is perverted. Marina declares that, "With invisibility, you could spy on people while they're... inking their splat zone." Yeah, I know.

2 Birdo's Private Identifier In Captain Rainbow

Captain Rainbow Birdos Bedroom
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Captain Rainbow is the most fun and bizarre Nintendo game that you've never played. It's a super hero quest game that has you doing missions for a bunch of forgotten Nintendo characters. Birdo is one of these lost souls and is stuck in a cage and needs help proving who she (or he) is. When you go to retrieve the evidence to prove Birdo's identity, it's a "?" marked item hidden under her pillow. The only clue about it is that it vibrates. Let that sink in for a minute...

1 Having A Cold One In Super Mario Kart

Super Mario Kart Champagne Chug
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If you won a Grand Prix in a race against dinosaurs and giant gorillas, wouldn't you want to have a drink, too? The Mario Kart series is usually harmless, but in the Japanese version of the Super Nintendo title, there's an interesting detail that got snipped out for the localization. If Bowser or strangely— Peach— come in first place, then they'll down an entire bottle of champagne to celebrate. Kids probably wouldn't have gotten the wrong message from this, but even still.

There are some of our favorite adult jokes that are stowed away in Nintendo titles, but there are even more hidden innuendos and visual gags that are out there. Sound off about your favorites in the comments below!

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