After Emergency Plane Landing, Keanu Reeves Skips Private Transport To Drive With Fans

When a flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles when the plane made an emergency landing in Bakersfield, California, passengers were told that they would be transported to Burbank, which is two hours away. One traveler, an actor named Keanu Reeves, 54, sprung to action and organized everyone into a group.

The Speed actor, who is no stranger to unexpected bus rides, spoke with officials at the airport in order to keep his fellow passengers informed and calm. The flight, which had been diverted as a result of a “mechanical indication,” landed “safely without incident” in Bakersfield, according to Freddy Lemmo, a representative for SkyWest, an airline that often operates as a backup for other airlines. Unfortunately, the airport was closed, which complicated making alternate travel arrangements for the passengers and crew.

Reeves’ interaction with airport personnel was captured and shared by several social media users. “The people who can unload the bags won’t be here for three hours. The vans will be here in an hour,” he told passengers, letting them know that it would be more efficient to head to Burbank by bus and collect their luggage later.

The actor didn’t just make arrangements though. He kept the passengers entertained by sharing facts about Bakersfield. “Its population is about 380,000, making it the ninth most popular city in California, and the 52nd most popular city in the nation,” Reeves read from his phone. He also played music from local artists, such as Buck Owens, Merle Haggard and Wynn Stewart.

The bus arrived safely in Los Angeles, where Reeves, understandably hungry by this time, went into a Newhall Carl's Jr. for a bite to eat with other passengers. On Thursday the restaurant offered a free Famous Star burger with the purchase of any combo meal in honor of Reeves, the LA Daily News reported.

This isn’t the first Reeves has been there when he was needed. After Academy Award-winning actress Octavia Spencer arrived in Los Angeles from Alabama to pursue an acting career, her car broke down on the way to an audition. Lucikly, she told Meredith Vieira, a man on a motorcycle pulled over to help.

“No one would help me because my car was so dirty – I had been parking my car underneath a tree so birds were just having a field day all over my car and I never washed," Spencer recalled. "It wasn’t until Keanu Reeves came by. He was on a motorcycle, wearing his motorcycle helmet and sunglasses and I didn’t recognize it was him when he pulled over. And he was like, ‘Hey, do you need some help?'”

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Reeves pushed Spencer's car to the side of the road and called for assistance. Spencer remembers being "mortified" that Keanu had to touch her dirty car, but Reeves could care less.

If we’re honest, how many A-list stars would have stuck around to hang out with their fellow passengers? Most would have been on the phone with their publicist at the first hint of a delay and had a private car drive them back to Los Angeles. Reeves, as we’ve seen time and time again, is no ordinary Hollywood actor. He’s a real-life action hero.

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