15 Aftermarket Car Mods That Serve Absolutely No Purpose

You never tell your wife that she looks fat in those jeans, even if she's bursting from pillar to post. Some things are better left unsaid, just as some cars are better left untouched.

A heck of a lot of time and money is spent on every car's research and development with the goal of simultaneous providing the best possible car performance-wise, price-wise, and looks-wise. So when some intellect-lacking so-called 'car enthusiasts' dive under the hood, rewire some things, throw on a few stickers and whatnot, it seldom works out to their advantage.

While there are plenty of useful aftermarket accessories that warrant installations (flood bars, roof racks for example), there are just as many things that don't belong. Example A: all the idiotic mods below.

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15 Buying fancy parts just for the sake of it

via Flickr/Sonic Motorsports

Plenty of us are car enthusiasts who are well aware of the ins and out of vehicle mechanics and can understand the relationship between things like bump steer and camber gain. For the rest of us who just had to Google what camber gain was, please, stop unnecessarily buying aftermarket gadgets in the hope to create the Batmobile 2.0.

14 Swapping badges

via Flickr/Jaron Brass

Look, admittedly we're not Jeremy Clarkson or Karl Benz, but we're still pretty darn sure that this so-called 'Shelby Cobra Thunderbird GT-R' is an imposter. In reality, this is a run-of-the-mill Ford Fusion whose owner, like many aftermarket idiots, decided to stick on a fake badge. It's turning heads albeit not for the reason they intended.

13 Nice ride, but does it come in *RAINBOW*?

via reddit

At first glance, this might just come across as an extremely questionable aftermarket paint job. Take another look, however, and you'll realize that this visual is nothing more than copious amounts of alternating, colored duct tape. At least when they're removed the paint will peel off in relatively straight lines...

12 Bullet hole stickers

Via reach-kicks.top

Sorry, folks, this isn't some sick April fools day prank - these bullet hole stickers actually exist, and some people (we're gonna go out a limb here and say those with below-average IQs) actually buy them and put them on their cars. In a country where guns are a very controversial topic, this just seems wrong.

11 The hovering effect

via reddit

With teenie tiny brake rotors that are barely visible, and thin, black rims, at first glance, this shiny, white Escabus is floating above the ground. That's no illusion, people - that's just tacky taste. Clearly this car's owner has been watching a few too many episodes of Chris Angel: MindFreak, because they tried to take the magic to a place it doesn't belong.

10 Lowering the suspension

via Flickr/Eurodubs

Admittedly for those who are looking to improve their cornering performance (which is a slim fraction of car enthusiasts or racers), lowering suspension can be benefitial. However, when you drop it down so far that your radio is overshadowed by the sounds of scraping metal on pavement, not only are you messing up your car but you're looking rather silly doing so.

9 Unnecessary Fancy-pants breaks

via Flickr/SoulRider.222

Oh my, Mr. Car-man, what big brakes you have... All the better to waste all my hard-earned savings, my dear. Case in point, unless you're a frontrunner in the Indy 500, there's no way you're needing the extra performance of larger rotors - and just because cars in the 1950s had holes in their brake discs, it doesn't mean you should.

8 Is it Xmas already?

via reddit

'Tis the season to turn your old sedan into a nightclub on wheels, lalalalalalalalala...

We're all for getting into the festive spirit but this Canadian driver has taken things just a tad too far. Either they had a gift-card about to expire at Canadian Tire or they decided to try their hand at creating an automotive disco mall - regardless, it looks pretty darn dumb.

7 DIY spoilers

via Flickr/Bill Stillwill

First of all, an aftermarket spoiler in and of itself is a quiestionable addition, especially the excessively large, overly obnoxious varieties. The owner of this little Plymouth, however, has taken it to another level entirely, slapping on a homemade spoiler which stands out like a sore thumb.

6 How low can you go?

via reddit

Okay, we can somewhat justify lowering a car's suspension to add a touch of coolness if you want to impress a date, and to get a little extra performance from the vehicle, but lowering it to the point where it becomes literally part of the road is nothing more than idiotic. Sparks would fly and the screeching sound would be unbearable.

5 Style Bars

via Flickr/CharlieJ

Whoever thought of the moniker 'style bar' did an excellent job at setting unrealistic expectations for any future product made. Style is, of course, subjective, and there's an abundance of people who take one look at the clunky, useless hunks of aftermarket metal and think "aw, hell no!"

4 A wacky Chevy Cavalier banana slingshot

via reddit

We've seen some interesting mods on the journey so far but none of them come within a mile of this oddity. What appears to have originally been part of a Chevy Cavalier has been transformed so hard to the extent that it's almost unrecognizable. This is a perfect example of why sometimes, less is more.


via YouTube

If you're looking to impress pedestrians with loud revs and intimidate your neighbors at intersections, then firstly, you're a bit of a douche, and secondly, most people probably don't like you. A sneaky sound simulator is far cheaper than actually modding up a car to rev to a million, but it's not even something that should be considered in the first place.

2 Fake hood vents

Via weike1000.ne

Often seen on high-end sports cars and roadsters, hood vents do serve a useful purpose. However, if the car you're buying doesn't already come with them, there's no way that they're needed, and while they may add a slight touch of coolness, they make absolutely no difference to performance. Waste. Of. Money.

1 Turning one car into another

via Wikimedia Commons/Brian Snelson

What's the point of trudging around dealerships, scouring the internet, and researching the most appropriate cars for our needs if we're just going to disguise it as something totally different? More often than that, these aftermarket transformations are poorly executed, regularly tackle and come across with a giant, invisible sign that says "REDNECK."

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