Air Plant Terrarium DIY: How To Make A Beautiful Tiny Garden

Plants are gorgeous, but not all of us are lucky enough to have a green thumb. It would be great if we could go out to the store, buy a plant, and not have it die within a week. Some of us can give a plant all of the love and attention that it needs, but that just might not be good enough.

There are also those of us out there who don’t have enough space for the garden of our dreams. Let’s face it, a lot of us would be happy just to live someplace where we didn’t have to share a bathroom with four other people. The idea of living somewhere with an actual backyard or with rooms big enough to house a few plants is like a work of fiction.

Air plant terrariums are perfect for those of us who weren’t born with a green thumb and who have limited space in our home. These little sky gardens are perfect because you can make it so that they hang from the air. Plus, you pick plants that don’t need any soil to grow, which means that they’re low maintenance! They’re perfect!

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4 Colored Sand Plant Terrarium

This type of plant terrarium really allows you to get creative with the base. Looking at this picture definitely takes us back to our childhood where we would get to fill up jars with different colors of sand in order to make a rainbow masterpiece!

In order to create this look, you’re going to need to get a terrarium. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s basically a glass container that’s shaped like a round fishbowl. Colored sand is also a must for this. Remember, this is really where your creativity can shine. If you want to brighten up your room then get some neon colors, and if you want your terrarium to say, “cool, calm and collected,” then go for the darker colors. If you’re like us and prefer earthy tones, then you’ll probably want some sand that’s brown and green.

Once you have your sand, pour the first layer of it into the container. After adding it in, smooth it out in order to make sure that it’s even. A hand can be used to do this. Make sure that every new layer that’s added is poured in slowly so that it doesn’t disturb the layer below it. Also, do not forget to smooth out each layer once it’s been added to the terrarium.

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3 She Sells Seashells By The Seashore

Since air plants don’t need soil to live, you can get really resourceful when it comes to finding things to go at the base of your terrarium. Seashells happen to be a really visually appealing item to use. This type of sky garden would be a nice addition to anyone’s home who loves the beach. There is definitely an abundance of shells on the sandy shores. If you live nearby one, or if you’re planning on going to one in the near future, then pick up some of your favorite seashells so that you can add them to a terrarium.

Once the seashells have been gathered, fill the base of the terrarium with a layer of shells that is around a half an inch thick. A half an inch is recommended because it’s important to leave enough room inside so that an air plant or two can go in the bowl. However, if the bowl that you’re using is large or if the plants that you pick are really tiny then you can fill it up with more than just a half an inch of seashells!

2 Getting Mossy

One of the great parts about making air plant terrariums is that it doesn’t require a lot of effort. There are a lot of us out there who want to tackle DIY projects, but who simply don’t have the time to do it. Yes, making a bookshelf from scratch that matches your décor is impressive, but it’s also really time-consuming. Not to mention, it can get pretty confusing, which might also lead us to just give up on the project altogether.

In order to complete this DIY air plant terrarium, you’ll need reindeer moss, a glass beaker, a tiny air plant, and a handful of river stones. Once you have the materials, begin by making sure that your beaker is clean. After you’ve cleaned it out then you can add in the river rocks to it so that it forms the base of your terrarium. Next, break off a piece of the reindeer moss and put it on top of the river stones. If you don’t like the color of the moss in this picture, then feel free to buy or find some in a different color! It’s your terrarium, so you can do whatever you want to make it fit your style!

Finally, make a small hole in the moss so that you can place your air plant inside of it. Having a hole will help the plant to sit up straight. Once it’s assembled, place it someplace where you can admire it, then you’re done!

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1 Succulent Plant Terrarium

If you were lucky enough to be born with a green thumb, then it’s still possible to have a plant terrarium. Instead of using air plants, you could just opt for succulents. Succulent plants require soil in order to stay alive, so they definitely require a bit more upkeep than air plants do, but they can still make for a cute little terrarium. Cactuses are a good plant to opt for because they come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. By choosing them, your mini garden can still have unique plants that are small enough to fit inside of whatever glass container you decided to get. In order to create it, you can just substitute the rocks, pebbles, seashells, or sand that is typically used for air plant terrariums for soil.

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