Airbnb Now Offers Bob Ross Painting Classes Around The World

Airbnb not only provides vacation rentals. It is also features an online marketplace called Airbnb Experiences that offers cooking classes, photo-shoots, and walking tours. This week, one of the new experiences introduced on the site is Bob Ross painting classes led by artists around the world.

The classes are led by a CRI, or Certified Ross Instructor, who has undergone three weeks of intense training on the artist’s distinctive "wet-on-wet" painting technique. The classes exclusively use Bob Ross paints and brushes.

Classes are now available in Havana, Cuba; Florence, Italy; Charleston, South Carolina; Seoul, and South Korea, among other locations. Sessions range from $20 to $80 per person. The cost often depends on the instructor, the length of the class, and the location.

The classes, which don’t necessitate staying at an Airbnb, are the perfect way to mix it up on vacation, or even in your hometown. If you’ve ever dreamed of painting happy little trees, delightful little mountains, and beautiful little lakes, now is your chance.

Airbnb Experiences was launched as part of the Trips platform in 2016. According to the initial press release, the experiences were designed to “[bring] together where you stay, what you do, and the people you meet all in one place.”

The site now offers three sections: Homes, Places, and Experiences. Homes features rooms, apartments, and homes you can book on holiday. Places showcases ideal spots to visit while traveling, and Experiences provides a variety of adventures to keep you entertained while on vacation.

Defined as “handcrafted activities designed and led by local experts,” Experiences was first launched in just 12 cities, but has now expanded to over 1,000 destinations. The resource is perfect for those traveling alone and who would like to connect with others by engaging in a fun and informal experience.

All Bob Ross painting classes include paints, brushes, and canvases, while you just need to dress the part. Some locations may also provide coffee, tea, and water, while others may allow you to bring food or even wine or beer.

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Although Ross passed away in 1995, he is still 25 years later a cultural phenomenon. Not only do his courses feature insider tips to create Ross-like landscapes, they also emphasize his commitment to peace and tranquility, two factors that are most appreciated while on holiday.

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