Airbus' BelugaXL Brings The Cutest Creature In The Sea To The Skies

It's the most adorable thing in the sea... and now the air as well! A white baby beluga takes to the blue skies thanks to a popular vote by the Airbus employees who wanted the paint job on the Airbus A300-600ST, a transport plane, to creatively resemble a baby beluga. After the A300-600ST was transformed into a strong doppelgänger for the sea creature, complete with soulful almond-shaped eyes and a signature hump on the forehead, the name was rightfully changed to "Airbus BelugaXL."

It is very hard for those who were raised with folk songs to look at the photo of this precious plane and not hear singer Raffi's famous song, Baby Beluga. The sweetest transport plane ever has tons of online fans. A massive amount of Twitter users have been sharing their appreciation for the adorable aircraft creation on social media.



Plans for the BelugaXL were born back in 2014 when Airbus decided to address the demand created by the public for larger planes. But employees voted on the paint job not too long ago and the finished product was only recently revealed to the adoring public.

Starting in 2019, you can expect to take a trip in the deep blue sky with this gentle giant. Airbus released a statement via press release that said that the BelguaXL plans to begin to offer services to travelers next year.


The only questions that we have on our minds now? Will Baby Beluga be played as customers enter the plane and find their seats? Does Raffi approve of this adorable aircraft? Will actual baby belugas look up into the sky to see a BelugaXL flying over the ocean and become confused? Will pilots of plain planes become jealous when they see this beauty in the sky?

We are not sure what the answers are to these questions but we do know that we would definitely love a ride on the cutest plane in the sky!

Here's another question: If you were an Airbus employee, would you have voted for this paint job? Or do you have another idea in mind? Let us know in the comments!


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