Aircraft Cleaner Becomes Captain After 24 Years

Mohammed Abubakar got a job 24 years ago as an aircraft cleaner, and now he is a captain who can fly the planes he’s been cleaning. Through hard work and dedication, he was able to fly.

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Becoming a pilot is quite an investment, and the job is not usually accessible to all. To get a private pilot license would cost around $10,000. This is an estimate for the airplane rental, an instructor’s hourly fees, supplies, and testing. You would also have to be able to invest time into the training: private pilots need to have logged 40 hours of flight before being certified. A commercial pilot is another step above all of this, for they usually require a private pilot license before training for commercial flights. After more time and tens of thousands of dollars invested, then you can fly commercial planes.

Abubakar began cleaning out the aircrafts for Azman Air Services in Kano, Nigeria. He gradually moved up the ranks, and he was able to eventually take flight classes. With hard work, passion, and dedication, Abubakar received his fourth aviation bar and qualified as a pilot. He is now a crew member of Azman Air Services Limited. His proud colleagues posted his story and his inauguration as captain on Twitter, and the whole world celebrated his achievement.

Azman Air’s mission is “to make the difference by setting new trends in Air Services,” and they certainly have done so with the inauguration of Abubakar as part of their crew. After all his hard work, Abubakar is sure to be a star amongst the crew. He knows what it’s like to have worked most of the positions on the team, so he will surely make a good airplane captain and crew leader.

Via: Pixabay, Free-Photos

Abubakar’s story is inspiring to us all, and he showed us that it’s not impossible to achieve your goals. He may not have taken the conventional route to become a captain, but he was able to get there in time. After all, we don’t fly through life in a straight path.

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