These Airport Therapy Dogs Are The Best Part Of Flying [Photos]

LaGuardia Airport now has therapy dogs to help passengers cope with the crazy construction going on in Terminal B of the airport. These dogs are the best part of flying today and there are pictures to prove it.

The New York Post was first to report on Ziggy and Buddy, who are making people smile as they pass through one of the busiest airports in the world. The dogs have been known to stop both children and adults from having a tantrum while waiting for their flights.

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Ziggy and Buddy are both graduates of the therapy program at Bideawee, which is an animal welfare non-profit group. Both the animals and their owners are trained to visit nursing homes, schools, and other business. This allows them to be therapy dogs in several settings.

LaGuardia Gateway Partners, which is overseeing the construction and development of Terminal B, came up with the idea to use the therapy dogs to distract travelers from the construction. However, it is doing more than getting people’s mind off the construction; it is making their travels much more pleasant.

Via New York Post

“Love them! It’s very stressful to travel, to get through security. Petting an animal is supposed to calm you down. Hopefully, that will remind people to relax when they’re on board.” said a flight attendant, Rebecca Cabrera.


One traveler almost missed his flight because he was hanging out with the dogs. It took everything he had to pry himself away.

“I wish I didn’t have to get on my flight so I could play with them,” said Chis Stepien, a Chicago native.

Via The New York Post

Along with Ziggy and Buddy, there are four other dogs from Bideawee that take part in the program at LaGuardia Airport. Dog handlers from the program volunteer their time at the airport. LaGuardia Gateway Partners gives financial support to Bideawee in exchange for the volunteer work.

Dog therapy is a real thing, and it works. Travelers passing through LaGuardia Airport’s Terminal B have seen this up close and personal. What started out as a way to help soothe those crazy holiday travels, is now a successful tactic to keep people’s mind off the crazy construction at the airport. It is pretty amazing!


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