This Alarm Clock Brews Your Morning Coffee

How would you like to have an alarm clock that would brew you a cup of coffee as you are waking up? It is every coffee lovers dream—and it is now a reality.

There is nothing like the smell of freshly-brewed coffee to start of one’s morning. The downside to this wonderful smell is that someone has to get out of bed to make. If you are single, it falls on you and if you are a couple, well, it can cause hostile conversations.

Thanks to Joshua Renouf, all the arguments, morning grunts and groans are going away. At least for brewed coffee. He has designed an alarm clock that brews coffee. No, this is not a joke, or gimmick or scam it is a real thing.


This dream machine is called the Barisieur. It is everything that a coffee lover has ever wanted to help get them moving. The gadget does it all. It boils the water. Then it will pour the hot water over the coffee grinds. Plus, it keeps your cream or milk cool and will even corral sugar.

Yes, it is a dream come true. However, there is a slight bit of bad news concerning the amazing new product. It is not available for sale just yet and there is a waitlist. Don’t fret though, both obstacles are easy to overcome.

Right now, the product can only be purchased on the website Indigogo and it will cost a person. The product— which according to the website will hit the retail market this year—can be bought singularly or in bulk. Yes, up to 10 coffee alarm clocks can be purchased at once.

The price for these beauties starts at $340 for one. If a person wants the bulk option, it will cost a whopping $2600. These prices do not include shipping costs. The items are being shipped from London so that cost must be considered.

An alarm clock that brews coffee exists! It hasn’t hit the retail market yet, but if coffee lovers are lucky that will happen this year thanks to Joshua Renouf but it will cost a pretty penny. How much would you pay to have an alarm clock that makes your coffee? Share your thoughts in the below comments section.


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