Canadian Province Bans Docking, Declawing Surgeries On Pets

Canadian Province Bans Docking, Declawing Surgeries On Pets

The Alberta Veterinary Medical Association (ABVMA) has voted to ban unnecessary and painful surgeries on pets, such as docking ears on dogs and declawing cats.

Picture a doberman. It probably looks a bit like the one depicted above getting a checkup at the vet. Note the ears, which permanently stand on end, similar to a husky’s and a little bobtail, much like that of a bulldog's.

But that’s not what dobermans are supposed to look like. Owners subject their pooch to painful surgeries and procedures to ensure that the dog’s anatomy looks a specific way. Here’s what a obermand is supposed to look like without the docked tail and cropped ears.

Canadian Province Bans Docking, Declawing Surgeries On Pets
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Big difference, right?

Well, one Canadian province is done with all that. The Alberta Veterinary Medical Association (ABVMA) voted last Sunday to ban a long list of procedures that do harm to animals. That list includes ear cropping, tail docking, tail nicking, and tail blocking. For cats, the resolution also bans declawing by either partial digit amputation (where the part of the paw with the claw is physically removed) or tendonectomy (which removes the tendon which controls the claw, causing them to remain stowed permanently).

Also banned are front dewclaw removal, cosmetic dentistry, tattoos other than those meant to identify the animal, and devocalization (which involves removing bits of the animal’s throat until they can’t make noise).

Without a vet to perform any of these procedures, they’re all effectively banned in the province of Alberta.

To keep everyone in line, the ABVMA also passed a resolution requiring vets and support staff to report cases of animal neglect or abuse. And since infliction of injuries to an animal is considered abuse, any vet going against the new rules would be subject to disciplinary action from the Medical Association.

“This is an important step forward for our profession and for animal welfare in this province,” said Dr. Darrell Dalton, Registrar of the ABVMA, in a statement. “I’m grateful for our members who have demonstrated such a profound commitment to their role as guardians of animal welfare in our province by voting in favor of these resolutions.”

Each resolution passed with 98% in favor. There are some real animal lovers up in Alberta.

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