Caged Cleaned: All The Cats Were Adopted At Lincoln County Humane Society

The supply of cats available for adoption has officially run out at the Lincoln County Humane Society (LCHS) in St. Catharines, Ontario. The empty cages were a beautiful sight to see because it means that every cat in their care that needed a home found one. For the first time, people were overjoyed not to see many meowing cats.

This is good news especially during this time of year because stray cats would not likely survive the brutal winter. With many more humans opening their homes to these balls of fur, they’re protecting not only the cats themselves but also their communities. Stray cats that are not spayed, neutered, or vaccinated could be potential carriers of various dangers like rabies and toxoplasma gondii. The cats are safer at home with a loving family, and other animals are safer with a cat that’s cared for.

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Yesterday, LCHS announced on their Facebook page that they have officially run out of their cat supply. Their Executive Director, Kevin Strooband, described the wonderful news as a “monumental day” for the centre. They released photos of the enclosures where they keep the cats in, and there’s not a single adorable face in any of them. All the cats are gone, but the shelter still has rabbits and dogs who are looking for their forever home.

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The LCHS Animal Clinic attributed this success to their achievement of spaying and neutering over 30,000 animals since 2011 and the widespread education on the benefits of doing so instead of simply shopping for pets. With less stray cats and litters born in homes, there are not many kittens who need to be rescued. This win, however, is not predicted to last long, and the decreased number of cats could just be due to difficulty finding them in the cold. Just like last winter, the LCHS predicts that the cages will start to fill up again in early spring and they’ll be at maximum capacity by the summer.

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Nevertheless, it’s wonderful to see that over 125 cats found their way to a loving home. Especially during the cold months, it’s good to know that the kitties are snuggled up somewhere warm with lots of treats for them to enjoy.

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