Make Your Own All-Natural Facial Toner Wipes

Last week I got on a plane to fly over the Pacific and landed in Sydney, Australia. My first flight was between Toronto and Vancouver and lasted 5 hours. Not so bad. My second flight was 15 hours... I watched a lot of movies and struggled to sleep, while it wasn't the worst experience I have had on a plane it was still quite long and by the time I landed in Sydney I was feeling... well, dirty.

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I reached for the pack of facial wipes I had bought at the drug store in the airport. They were cool and refreshing but left a thin film of chemicals on my face, and I ended up feeling dirtier than before. You have got to be kidding me!

If you have ever been in the kind of situation I just described then these DIY All-Natural Facial Wipes are going to be your new best friend. These wipes are super easy and cheap to make and can act as a facial toner, makeup remover, or general grime remover when traveling.

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To make these wipes here is what you will need:

1 pack of small cotton pads (you can buy these at the Dollar Store or your local pharmacy for barely anything)

A small mason jar with a lid

1/4 cup Witch Hazel

1 tbsp water

1 drop tea tree oil

2 drops lavender oil

2 drop Roman chamomile oil

To make the facial wipe solution, mix the witch hazel, water, and essential oils in the bottom of your mason jar. Witch hazel is an astringent that is similar to rubbing alcohol but is gentle on the skin. The witch hazel mixed with the essential oils will help to clear your skin of dirty residue while calming your pores.

Next, stack your cotton pads into the mason jar and tightly fasten the lid. Now, gently tip the mason jar upside down a couple times until the pads are all completely soaked with liquid.

When you are finished there should still be about 1 inch of liquid in the bottom of the jar. If there isn't, mix up some solution in a cup and pour it into the jar. Fasten the lid tightly. These should stay fresh for about 2 weeks if you keep the lid on when not in use.

If you are taking your facial wipes traveling, simply transfer a few to a plastic bag and voila! You are on the go baby!

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