7 Amazing No-Bake Vegan Desserts Easy Enough For Beginners

We all love eating dessert, from gooey and melted homemade chocolate chip cookies to pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving and sugar cookies during the holidays. But do we love baking dessert? Well, the answer to that might be a little bit different.

While some of us are more than happy to spend a Saturday afternoon getting our bake on, others might not be so confident when it comes to culinary matters, especially when it comes to sweet things.

That's why having super simple dessert recipes up our sleeve is so awesome! When they are plant-based and no-bake, that's even better.

Here are seven amazing no-bake vegan desserts that are easy enough for beginners!

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7 Vegan Brownies With Chocolate Ganache

Pinterest/Minimalist Baker

Brownies are never a bad idea. There is never a time when a gooey chocolate brownie that melts in our mouth doesn't sound really, really good.

What do we do if we're not the best bakers (or anything close to that) and don't even want to turn on our oven? Make no-bake brownies, of course, and with this no-bake vegan recipe, our prayers have absolutely been answered.

These No Bake Vegan Brownies With Chocolate Ganache from Minimalist Baker sound perfect. They've got cacao nibs, dates, cacao powder, almonds, and walnuts. If you want to take things one step further and make the ganache, just combine powdered sugar with coconut oil, salt, dark chocolate (dairy-free), and almond milk.

Sounds like we need to get baking ASAP and invite some friends over to share!

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6 Pumpkin Pie

Pinterest/Raw Revive

Pumpkin pie is a staple for most families when Thanksgiving rolls around. It just feels right when there are gorgeous fall leaves on the ground, everyone is in a festive mood, and ready for some family time.

If you want to make an easy pumpkin pie that is vegan and no-bake, you should definitely make this recipe from Raw Revive.

It's got good things like shredded coconut, dates, oats, and coconut oil in the crust. The filling is, of course, pumpkin, along with banana, coconut butter, dates, and pumpkin pie spice, among other ingredients.

We're pretty sure that we would not only make this for Thanksgiving but also make it on a regular basis. It sounds and looks awesome and delicious!

5 Vegan Date Squares

Pinterest/Oh She Glows

Date squares are delicious. Squares and bars, in general, are amazing, but there is something special about this particular treat.

If you're not familiar with using dates in desserts, you are really in for the best news ever because dates are caramel-y and super sweet.

This recipe for 5 Ingredient No Bake Vegan Date Squares from food blogger Angela Liddon of Oh She Glows couldn't be easier. You simply combine water and dates to make the filling, and then the rest of the ingredients are more dates (yay), salt, oats, almonds, and coconut oil. Healthy, vegan, no-bake, and easy. What else could you ask for?!

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4 Lemon Cookie Fruit Tarts

Pinterest/Minimalist Baker

Just the recipe title alone is enough to make our mouths water. The fact that this is a vegan no-bake dessert recipe is the icing on the (no bake) cake.

These No Bake Lemon Cookie Fruit Tarts from Minimalist Baker sound and look so fancy.

The filling has vanilla, silken tofu, maple syrup, and fruit. The crust has walnuts, salt, and dates. This is definitely a dessert that any beginner baker could tackle and feel amazing about. There is something so satisfying about mastering a skill that you just didn't think you could, and that's exactly how we would feel if we tackled this dessert.

Also, we would get to eat the results, so that seems like a pretty good deal.

3 Paleo Millionaire Shortbread

Pinterest/A Saucy Kitchen

The recipe title says Paleo, but these treats are not only no bake and Paleo, they are also vegan.

This recipe from A Saucy Kitchen should definitely be your next baking project.

You'll only need coconut flour, coconut oil, vanilla, and maple syrup to make the shortbread, and then a vegan caramel from almond butter and some other ingredients. The chocolate layer is cocoa powder, vanilla, salt, maple syrup, and coconut oil.

Are we drooling yet or what? Are we already on our way to our local grocery store to stock up on the ingredients to make these? The answer to both of these is a big "yes."

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2 Raw Carrot Cake With Cashew Cream Frosting

Pinterest/A Sunshine Mission

Carrot cake is a beloved classic, like chocolate chip cookies or pecan pie, and there's good news if you want a dessert that is both no bake and vegan: this Raw Carrot Cake with Cashew Frosting recipe from A Sunshine Mission is right up our alley.

The frosting is made from cashews, which is super cool. It's also got vanilla extract, salt, water, lemon juice, and brown rice syrup.

The cake part has all of the classic carrot cake ingredients such as carrots, along with cinnamon, nutmeg, walnuts, oats, coconut, and oats.

You should get to baking right away so that you can enjoy these super soon. That's another bonus of raw or no-bake desserts: we can eat them faster since we don't have to wait for oven times!

1 Coconut Lime Cheesecake

Pinterest/Harriet Emily

Cheesecake is always delicious, so what do we do if we follow a plant-based diet or have a dairy allergy?

We don't need to feel sad every day because we can't eat cheese or choose not to. Instead, we can master the art of the vegan cheesecake, and the good news is that anyone can make one because there are recipes out there for no-bake ones.

This recipe for Coconut Lime Cheesecake from Harriet Emily uses nuts like almonds and cashews and other ingredients like shredded coconut and coconut oil to create a delicious plant-based treat. We seriously can't wait to make this one... and eat a ton of it because, hey, it's healthy!

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