Amazon Alexa Is Laughing At Owners For No Reason

Amazon's Alexa has taken the world by storm over the past few months, but the newest thing she has been caught doing is creeping us out a little.

If you cast your mind back as little as ten years ago, you'll likely be amazed at how much technology has advanced in such a short period of time. Back then we were all still happy with flip phones, and streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime that are now a part of our every day lives were either in their infancy or didn't exist at all.

Speaking of Amazon the latest thing that is quickly becoming a part of our everyday lives is their latest gadget the Amazon Echo, or as most of us know it Alexa. Alexa sits in our living rooms or kitchens or bedrooms and we call upon her to play music, set alarms, tell us the weather, or any other number of things.

What can be a little weird is the fact that Alexa is always listening. Always prepared to supply us with information whenever we call upon her. If that doesn't freak you out, then her latest quirk likely will. As reported on Today earlier this week Alexa owners around the world have been reporting that their Echo has been laughing at them completely unprompted.

Check out the video here and you'll see that it's actually pretty creepy. The laugh is short and has been happening for no reason at all. Alexa owners have been taking to social media to report instances where it has been happening and the situations sound a little unsettling. One Alexa lit up in the middle of the night and laughed at her owners while they slept, while another was laughed at when she asked how long was left on a timer she had set.

Today reached out to Amazon for an explanation as to why Alexa has been laughing at her owners, but at the time of typing this they haven't offered one up. For those of you who do own an Echo and are easily spooked, you might want to unplug Alexa before you go to sleep so you're not awoken by an eerie laugh in the middle of the night.

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