Amazon Is Selling Corgi Butt Pillows That Also Warm Your Hands

There is no denying that Corgis are one of the cutest dogs on the planet. Some would even say they are the cutest, especially when it comes to their butts.

People have long had an obsession with Corgi butts because they are cute, big, and fury. Plus, when they waddle back and forth their butts shake in the most adorable way that makes you want to cuddle with them like crazy. There is even a Reddit thread wholly dedicated to discussing the cuteness of the Corgi backside. It is a little creepy, but the obsession is real.

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Amazon is now cashing in on people's love of the Corgi butts with a new pillow. Oh yes, if you are allergic to dogs or can't have them in your apartment, you can still fall asleep with a cute Corgi. However, this gem has another element that has customers freaking out. It also doubles as a hand warmer. Yes, you can snuggle with the pillow and keep your hands warm at the same time. It is pretty much a win-win situation.

Customers are losing their minds over these pillows that not only look like the precious behinds of our four-legged friends but also have little legs and paws. The super fluffy pillow has the breed's signature tiny legs coming out of the bottom of it, which is also another nod the precious Corgi's classic look.

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The official name of this genius pillow is the "Missley Corgi Butt Warmer Hold Pillow Animal Soft Toy Cute Butt Throw Pillow Stuffed Toy", and it will only set you back $13.Free shipping is offered with this lovely item as well.

It is definitely not as adorable as the real thing, but it is not a bad substitute. We have to admit though, seeing a person put their hands inside the butt pillow is a little weird. Although, according to PopSugar, it does a great job of warming up your hands.

The love of Corgi butts is a real thing, and Amazon now has a pillow in honor of this obsession.

Do you think that is a good thing or is it creepy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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