This Amazon Hack Will Change How You Shop

Amazon lovers there is a new hack that will not only change the way you shop but ensure you get the best deals on the website.

Honey is a neat little browser add-on that will help Amazon marketplace shoppers get the lowest price available at that time. It has gained popularity among shoppers thanks to its automatic coupon feature. Honey tells shoppers exactly how much they can save on certain items and how to get those savings.

The new easy way to outsmart Amazon marketplace also offers a section that is full of different money tools for shoppers to use. These tools are designed to help save customers a lot of money. It also works with Amazon Prime, which is a big plus for shoppers.

Honey is very easy to use. All a person has to do in order to take advantage of the deals is shop Amazon as usual. When a product page is clicked on, Honey will immediately check the website to see if the price displayed is, in fact, the lowest price. If it is, then it will alert the customer that the current item is the best deal.

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However, should Honey should find the product at a lower price on Amazon, a little orange savings tag will appear above the price. All the shopper has to do is click on the orange tag and boom instant savings.

The best part is, when Honey is looking for the lowest price possible it takes into account sales tax, shipping cost, seller rating, and Prime status. That means the browser add-on is doing all of the legwork for the shopper.


Along with helping a shopper out with an order, they are currently placing, Honey will also watch for a price drop on specific items per the customer's request. When a person adds an item to the drop box, Honey will keep an eye out for a lower price. Once the price drops, the shopper will be alerted.

So is this legit or a scam? Well, since its launch a few years ago over 4.4 million Google Chrome users installed it and have been saving serious money with it. Honey is also available on Firefox and Safari but it has not been used on those browsers as much.

There is only one way for a person to find out if this Amazon hack is as awesome as it sounds, download it!


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