Amazon's First Store Without Cashiers Opens To Huge Crowds

Amazon Go opened to huge crowds and lines going around the block. The new cashierless store is being plugged as Amazon’s store of the future and patrons could not wait to check it out.

The new convenience store in Seattle is as easy and painless as Amazon has promised for months. There are cameras on the ceiling watching a person’s every move, but there are no cashiers, shopping carts or long lines slowing down the customer.

How does a cashierless store work? It all begins with having the Amazon Go app, which is what one needs to access the store. Each person has a special barcode that is used when entering the store, via a subway-like turnstile. The same barcode keeps track of every item a person pulls off the shelf. It even keeps track of items put back. This is all possible by accurate sensors and cameras.


Although the 1,800 square foot store has been open to Amazon employees for a long time, it opened to the public on Monday. First-time shopper Nick Frantsevich detailed his experience for The Seattle Times, saying it felt a lot like shoplifting. He also said it had everything he imagined it would and more.

Susan Huntington, another first-time shopper, admitted the store was very nice. However, she said it was too pricey for her to shop for her family there regularly. She sees the appeal of the quick grab-and-go concept, stating it was excellent for on the go millennial.

The Amazon Go app does everything for the customer. It gains a person access to the store, keeps track of their receipt and is used for paying for items. The concept is brilliant but a consumer must be careful. It does not show how much money a person is spending until the final receipt shows up.

Amazon has opened the doors to its new Amazon Go store and people love it. The company has not yet revealed if they have a rollout for taking the stores nationwide. Until then those wanting to check it out will have to make the trip to Seattle.


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Amazon's First Store Without Cashiers Opens To Huge Crowds