Amazon Is Now Selling Weighted Blankets For Anxious Pets

People cannot get enough of weighted blankets, especially those who suffer from anxiety. They are all the rage, but now your four-legged friends can enjoy the new blanket too.

Amazon is now selling a version of the weighted blanket specially designed for dogs. The reason behind the new concept came after numerous reports of the blanket helping people with anxiety, insomnia, ADHD and other mental issues occurred.

Dogs also suffer from these same types of issues, but they are harder to diagnosis than in people. Senior or rescue dogs tend to have more emotional triggers that can cause anxiety, which can be expressed in not the most helpful form of behavior. The behavior does vary, but the underlying issue is the same, the emotional trigger.

But never fear! There is a way you can help your pet. The Canine Coddler, The Original Dog Anti-Anxiety Blanket Wrap, is selling like hotcakes on Amazon. It is a weighted blanket that applies a gentle comfort, soothing pressure to the pet that helps calm fear and anxiety. The blanket is veterinarian approved so you don't have to worry about any side effects or the possibility it will harm your fur baby.

The blanket comes in two different weights. There is a 5-pound blanket, which should be used on dogs that are under 50 pounds, as well as a 7-pound blanket is perfect for dogs over 50 pounds. The specific weight size is to ensure your animal is adequately comforted, not too light and not too heavy or the desired effects will not work.

Although it may seem crazy to buy a weighted blanket to help your pet, it is an excellent idea. Blankets, in general, make dogs feel comfortable and secure. Think about the times your pet is anxious such as riding in a car, hearing fireworks or even a severe thunderstorm. Now when you can't be with your furry pal, they will have another sense of relief and comfort.

There is nothing better than a human snuggle or kisses to help your pet. However, a new pet weighted blanket might be the next best thing. The price is right at only $80 per blanket, which is nothing for a happy animal.

What do you think about Amazon selling weighted blankets for dogs? Will you be picking one up as a holiday gift for your furry pal? Let us know in the comments!


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