America Is Running Out Of White Claw And People Are Panicked

White Claw is a tasty and surprisingly refreshing hard seltzer that comes in a variety of flavors that everyone has seemingly been sipping on all summer. However as summer comes to an end, it looks like the supply will soon be unable to keep up with the demand.

That's right. America is running low on White Claw and things are not ok. The company who makes this gem, Mark Anthony Brands, have been unable to keep up production and haven't even been bothering to produce more to keep up. They've actually been capping how much they make and distribute in a business practice called allocation. They've been allocating for over a year already and will continue to do so.

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White Claw is still widely available and the volume seen in stores hasn't changed, just the popularity in the drink has grown. Sales have gone up 250% in the last year which is incredible. White Claw is made from the same company that also makes and distributes Mike's hard Lemonade, another easy-drinking summer favorite.

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The bubbly drink with a 5% alcohol content is insanely popular in the United States and could be found at every summer get-together across the country. We may be reaching but don't act like you haven't had at least one. Or wanted to. Bottom line, you know the Claw and it wants to know you.

White Claw is a healthier alternative to beer and doesn't have the sugary sweetness of a hard lemonade. Its base is primarily water and is naturally gluten-free with just a hint of flavor. It clocks in at only 100 calories per can and has been a go-to for those watching their weight or with a gluten intolerance who are looking for a light buzz.

Try mango, black cherry, lime, raspberry, or ruby grapefruit or their new pure flavor which actually doesn't have any flavor. It's great to sip on during hot summer days and the fact that its a new fad doesn't hurt. There are White Claw memes, t-shirts, and college students are already mourning the loss of their newest favorite beverage. As the kids say, "Ain't no laws when drinking White Claw."

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Hopefully, America can overcome this crisis with dignity. And hopefully we will never, ever run out of White Claw. Have you had a White Claw? What do you think of it? Is it worth all the hype?

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