10 Most Instagram-able Spots In America That Have Yet To Be Discovered

There are dazzling sights and breathtaking views all over the world. People love visiting these spots and sharing these locations on social media as soon as they get a solid connection. The typical travel photos are seen all the time; the Bean in Chicago, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Eiffel Tower, and any of Disney's theme parks. But there are many places that are not as known and are equally as amazing — like the 10 below! From LA and Arizona to New York and Missouri, the spots are super Instagram-able, so we encourage everyone to pack their suitcase and check them out soon!

10 Secret Swing In Elysian Park, Los Angeles

In Los Angeles—specifically at Elysian Park—there is a secret swing. It can be tough to find (which helps keep it a secret), but it is actually just a five-minute drive from Dodger Stadium. Once it is reached, the swing itself is located on the edge of a hill that is overlooking the 110 freeway. It is apparently sort of scary since it is just a random swing dangling there over a busy highway, but the view is worth it; just think of the photos that can be taken and shared online!

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9 The Wave, Arizona

This stunning formation made of sandstone rock is called The Wave. Its gorgeousness can be found in Arizona, near its northern border with Utah. This is another spot that can be hard to reach since a difficult hike is required to reach it, but, again, so worth it! However, there is a daily lottery system and only a certain amount of people are allowed to visit The Wave each day. It may take some real planning and possibly a bit of luck to be able to see this natural formation, but the colors and lines make for some super cool Instagram pics.

8 The Last Bookstore, Los Angeles

Even those who are not super into books need to visit this LA bookstore. There is so much to see! There are tunnels made out of books, pieces of 3D art made out of pages, a shelf arranged by colors... The list goes on. Tons of people around the world visit California regularly for its climate, so making a quick stop to see this shop makes sense. The photos that will come about after a quick stop here will make everyone jealous. The colors, the setups, and the actual books in The Last Bookstore are all so fun and unique.

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7 Goblin Valley, Utah

The people who added the Wave to their to-do list may also want to add Goblin Valley, too. Located in Utah, this park is another one that is made up of interesting formations. While the hiking is great and the photos will be fab, know that guests can also stay in yurts here! Yes, glamping at its finest can be done among these sandstone structures that have been compared to the landscape of Mars. That being said, even those who are not into hiking may want to venture here just for some more outdoorsy photos for social media.

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6 The High Line, New York City

New York, like Los Angeles, is a huge tourist destination, with something to see around every corner. And while The High Line has become more and more popular in recent years, it is still less-discovered than, say, Times Square or Central Park. Therefore, it is next on our list when it comes to cool spots where cool images can be captured. This public space is a park that features art, gardens, and more; it's all built upon a historic, elevated freight line! The views on the trail are ones to remember, and the way that the city can be seen from this elevated park is also very cool.

5 Starlite Classic Campground, Colorado

Stay in a vintage camper in Colorado at the Starlite Classic Campground! Adorable vehicles have been transformed for funky overnight lodging. This place also offers a dog park, volleyball, horseshoes, mini golf, a pool, a playgrand, a gift shop, restrooms, laundry, and free wifi. It is also close to Royal Gorge, which means that whitewater rafting, zip lining, fishing, and hiking are all super close. But the campers, with their color-coordinated decorations, strung lights, and retro vibes, are things that will get those likes on Instagram. Plus, how many people can say that they have stayed in a vintage camper?

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4 Wigwam Motel, Several Locations

The Wigwam Motel is an iconic part of Route 66. Oh, right, and this motel’s rooms are in teepees. They were built in the 1930s and 1940s and originally had seven different locations: two in Kentucky and one each in Alabama, Florida, Arizona, Louisiana, and California. Nowadays, there are only three of these motels left, and two are on the historic U.S. Route 66 in Holbrook, Arizona, and in San Bernardino, California. This is another fun place to stay with some choice activities and locations for an epic photo.

3 Branson, MO

The next spot on our list is an entire town: Branson, Missouri. We have all heard of this place, haven't we? We may have even traveled there with our grandparents or on a family vacation once before. And let's not forget that most of us know it from the Netflix series Ozark. Either way, we think it is worth visiting, due to its unique photo ops.

The Ozark Mountains and Table Rock Lake are natural locations to snap pics of. The central part of Branson also offers some man-made views: Over-the-top, large, wacky, and slightly creepy tourist sights like the Hollywood Wax Museum, the Titanic Museum, and the World's Largest Toy Museum can also be seen!

2 Thorncrown Chapel, Arkansas

Talk about some gorgeous pictures! Thorncrown Chapel blends in with its surroundings in Arkansas. It is wooden, but there are 425 windows and over 6,000-square-feet of glass. That being said, the way that trees can be seen on the other side of this structure, the way that light seeps through into the chapel... All of this and more make this an award-winning piece of architecture. Oh, and if anyone got married here, just imagine the likes that would come from that: a gorgeous building combined with nature and wedding photos added in, too. That is a win-win-win situation!

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1 Ellsworth Kelly's Austin, Austin

In January 2015, artist Ellsworth Kelly brought about a work called Austin. What is it? Well, it is a 2,715-square-foot stone building, and it stands out with its colorful glass windows. It is part of the Blanton Museum of Art at The University of Texas at Austin, and it is meant to be a place of joy and contemplation. Let's also not forget that you can come here for deep thoughts and take stunning photographs of colors.

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