An Exclusive Look Inside The Teen Mom Mansions (20 Photos)

When we first met most of MTV's Teen Most cast members, they were still living under their parents' roofs. They were, after all, only children themselves. A few of the ladies were living by middle-class standards, and many of them were living far below that, just trying to survive.

My, oh my, what a difference a decade makes. These famous reality mommies have certainly done a lot of growing up over the last ten years. They have gotten married, welcomed more kids into their worlds, created businesses, and written books. Our favorite young mothers managed to make names for themselves, and many are now rolling in the dough. Proof of their success lies in the homes where they are raising their broods.

Check out these twenty pictures of the Teen Mom's decked out pads. Can we please move in?

20 Maci's Southern Mansion

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Maci Bookout was once a red-headed teen mom whose only mission in life was to make her former fiance realize her worth. Her ex, Ryan Edwards, really missed the boat when he let this one go. Maci moved on to marry Taylor Kinney and have more kids. She also moved on up when the family purchased this $625,000 Tennessee home.

19 Maci's Big Move Was Worth It

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Moving homes with three small kids in tow, all while trying to run a business is no small feat, as we saw on MTV's Teen Mom. Maci and Taylor were busy parents there for a while, but their hard work paid off. Now the family has plenty of space to sprawl out and do the things that they love.

18 We Have Serious Kitchen Envy Right Now

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Because Maci Bookout has three young children, she probably spends 90% of her life standing in the kitchen, passing out snacks, and making meals. That is mom life for you! We don't think that we would mind that chore if our kitchens looked more like this one. Preparing mac and cheese is much more fun in a space like this.

17 Cate And Tyler Renovated Their Dream House!

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Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra didn't come from much. Both were raised in relative poverty, with Cate spending much of her childhood in various trailer parks. Look how far these two young parents have come. Not only have they weathered life's storms and managed to stay together for all of these years, but they've built their family and renovated their dream home.

16 Such Farmhouse Charm

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The Baltierra compound sits firmly on fifteen acres of Michigan soil. The property has plenty of space for their growing family to explore and for Cate's animals to live close by. This renovation project, known locally as the hexagon house, was built in the 1800s and is now full of rustic farmhouse charm.

15 Little Nova And Vaeda Have The Cutest Rooms!

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Of course, Cate and Tyler had to include a few darling bedrooms for their two sweet girls to grow into. Little Nova has space all her own, filled with dreamy, whimsical touches and of course, horses. She and her mommy share a love of the majestic beasts. Baby Vaeda is equally as lucky as she scored a darling nursery.

14 And Cate Has A Bathroom Fit For A Queen

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When Cate has had a long day of parenting and tending to her large home and massive acreage, she can sneak into this lavish bathroom and sink into that huge tub. Every mom deserves a bathroom like this one. Her hubby must have scored massive points when he redid this room for his beloved wife.

13 Farrah's Homes In Different Area Codes

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Farrah Abraham has purchased and sold several homes in recent years. She bought and sold a four-bedroom condo in Los Angeles, in an attempt to flip it and make a profit. She also sold her Dallas Mega-pad for over half a million dollars. Per radaronline.com, all of those property investments didn't pay out enough as Farrah is supposedly shacking up with family amidst several pending lawsuits.

12 Farrah Loves Soft Palates

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These days Farrah is hunkering down in her father's space, but when she did have her own homes, she seemed to favor soft palates and muted color tones. Maybe she needs quiet around her because she herself is so loud and flamboyant. We wonder what decor scheme she will go with for her next mansion?

11 Her Bedroom Seems Fit For A Princess

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Farrah probably misses her former Dallas mansion bedroom, especially now that she is sharing walls with her daughter, her father, and step-mother. Living in dad's small ranch is not where Farrah thought that she would ever be, but knowing this hustling mama, she will be back on her feet in no time flat.

10 Chelsea's Crib Cost Almost Half A Million Dollars

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Chelsea Houska-DeBoer deserves every bit of happiness that she finds herself surrounded by these days. The good-natured mommy to three paid her dues back when she tried to make things work with her ex- Adam Lind. Now she and her real-life Prince Charming call this sprawling South Dakota pad, home.

9 Check Out Chelsea's Big Backyard!

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Chelsea and her husband, Cole prioritize space and privacy. Chelsea likes to let her kids out into nature, without having to worry about who might be near. This acreage is perfect for their fun-loving family. There is lots of space in the yard for Chelsea to toss the ball to her softball-loving ten-year-old, Aubree.

8 Kailyn's Mansion Is More Than She Could Have Ever Dreamed Of

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Kailyn is a single mom to three young boys, all by three different fathers. Relationship woes? She has plenty of them. Money woes? Well, that is a whole different story. This former teen mother managed to monetize her former plight and make it really work for her. She recently purchased this sprawling $830,000 mansion.

7 Kail Keeps Things Bright And Cheery

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Kailyn prefers to be surrounded by love and light, which is why she chose to decorate her new home with warm and inviting colors. We love the bright yellow walls and all of the natural light that floods into her great room. What an impressive space to sit back and reflect on her many successes.

6 Our Girl And Her Three Boys Are Living The Dream!

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Feeding three growing sons is no small mission, so Kailyn had to snag a home with an extra-large kitchen. She has lots of room to move about in as she serves up her kids' favorite snacks. The two-tiered island gives the family lots of room to sit down at mealtime and talk about their day.

5 Can We Come Swim Kail?

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Kailyn's children will never get bored at home now that they have a huge backyard and an inground swimming pool to keep them busy. Maybe Kailyn will extend an invite to her exes, Jo and Javi, and invite them and their new families to come over for a swim. We know Kail is tight with Jo's wife, Vee.

4 Janelle Evans Embraced Country Living

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Former Teen Mom star, Janelle Evans, once loved her now sinking, sprawling country compound. She has been living there for years with her three children and now estranged husband, David Eason. Janelle and David built the place back when times were good so that they could enjoy some country living without prying eyes.

3 Evans Even Has Her Own Gate

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David and Janelle valued their privacy so much that they decided to install this pricey gate at the entrance of their property, which they dubbed, "The Land." Recent reports have noted that Janelle and her three kids are no longer staying at the family home, as her marriage with David has taken a turn for the worse.

2 Amber Moved Her Family Into Suburbia

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Amber Portwood has always craved normalcy; she just always seems to fall short in that arena. She did move into the Indiana suburbs with her former boyfriend Andrew and baby son James, and for a moment, all looked pretty mild in Amber-world. Sadly that didn't last for very long as the reality star has hit yet another rocky patch in life.

1 Amber's Ex Gary Shirley Has A Nice Pad, Too

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Amber's ex Gary Shirley, his wife, and their girls also live in Indiana. They enjoy their farmhouse and all that their acreage has to offer. Amber and Gary's ten-year-old daughter Leah is able to play on her trampoline and ride tractors with dad and generally enjoy her childhood out in the quiet midwest.

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