An Update On The Careers Of 18 Former NBA Stars

Life after basketball can become a tough transition for the biggest NBA superstars. Unfortunately, no one can continue to play hoops forever. Most top-level basketball stars will have to retire at some point between their mid-30s and early-40s. Some names do seem to have longer runs with Vince Carter playing for twenty seasons and LeBron James looking like he can go for as long as he wants.

We will look at some of the biggest names that recently retired from the sport along with their current lives. Many players will remain in the sport in the role of a broadcaster, coach or some other job associated with basketball. Some will look for starts in new jobs and others will hope to live quietly off their wealth. Find out just what your favorite is up to today with an update on the careers of these former NBA stars.

18 Dwyane Wade

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The end of Dwyane Wade’s NBA career was bittersweet for fans not ready to see him stop playing. The broadcasting career of Wade is set to start soon as a broadcaster for TNT’s NBA coverage. Wade spends some of his free time attending the high school games to see his son Zaire Smith and LeBron James’ son Bronny play together.

17 Peja Stojakovic

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The three-point shooting of Peja Stojakovic would have seen him become an even bigger star playing in today’s game. Stojakovic retired the peak of his NBA career coming with the Sacramento Kings. It only made sense that Peja would take a job in the Kings organization as the VP of basketball and team development.

16 Baron Davis

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Baron Davis had an underrated career with a few years of borderline superstar play. The best run came as the top star of the “We Believe” Golden State Warriors squad. Davis has transitioned into the role of a broadcaster as part of the NBA coverage for TNT and NBA TV.

15 Gilbert Arenas

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The hot run of Gilbert Arenas in the NBA lasted a few years with him bringing relevance to the Washington Wizards. Locker room issues and a huge decline in his play ended Arenas’ time in the NBA faster than expected. The current life of Arenas sees him trying to play professionally for the Big 3 and hosting his own podcast about today’s NBA.

14 Chris Webber

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Chris Webber came so close to winning an NBA Championship with the Sacramento Kings. Despite never reaching the top of the NBA mountain, C-Webb retired as a respected legend. TNT employs Webber as one of their main color commentators. The voice of Webber is heard during important games every week and even more often in the playoffs.

13 Allen Iverson

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The NBA career of Allen Iverson made him one of the top undersized guards in league history. Iverson’s elite scoring saw him become an icon in the early 2000s for the Philadelphia 76ers. The current life of Iverson sees him outside of the public eye unless he makes an appearance for a big NBA event.

12 Chauncey Billups

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Chauncey Billups was known for playing a winning style of basketball that led the Detroit Pistons to an unlikely NBA Championship run. The post-NBA career of Billups saw him rumored for various GM roles, but he has remained an analyst for ESPN as part of the studio coverage. Time will tell if Billups ever moves into the NBA GM world.

11 Amare Stoudemire

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Various injuries would end Amare Stoudemire’s NBA career faster than he desired. The incredible play of Stoudemire helped the Phoenix Suns become a force in the 2000s. Amare still wants to play with current roles in the Big 3 and the Chinese Basketball Association. The hope is that an NBA team will be impressed enough to call him before the season ends.

10 Shaquille O'Neal

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The charisma of Shaquille O'Neal always added another dynamic to his greatness during his playing days. Shaq loved to crack jokes with the media in between his dominating NBA performances. The transition to broadcasting made sense as Shaq is part of the Inside the NBA TNT studio team. O’Neal also is a minority owner of the Sacramento Kings along with a few other business ventures.

9 Ray Allen

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Ray Allen became one of the all-time great three-point shooters in NBA history. The league’s shift into the shooting-heavy offenses was unintentionally inspired by Allen. Unlike most of his peers, Allen has kept it quiet since retiring from the NBA. The legend wrote an autobiography to share his story and likes to spend his free time golfing.

8 Paul Pierce

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Boston Celtics fans will always have a soft spot in their hearts for the great play of Paul Pierce. The run would peak when he won the 2008 NBA Championship with Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett. Pierce transitioned into broadcasting after retirement joining ESPN. Social media often roasts Pierce for his outlandish predictions and insights before games.

7 Jason Kidd

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The vision of Jason Kidd on the court saw him always finding the open man leading to great offensive systems. Kidd retired from the sport and instantly made his way into coaching. Head coaching gigs with the Brooklyn Nets and Milwaukee Bucks ended in disappointment, but Kidd is now an assistant coach for the Los Angeles Lakers contending team.

6 Tracy McGrady

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The incredible scoring of Tracy McGrady made him the most unstoppable basketball player in the league for a few seasons. McGrady’s injuries eventually ended his time at the top faster than fans predicted. The retirement from the NBA would see T-Mac become an ESPN broadcaster. McGrady is often seen on The Jump with host Rachel Nichols.

5 Steve Nash

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Two-time MVP Steve Nash became a legend during his run with the Phoenix Suns. The current offensive style of the league sees a lot of influence from Nash’s time running a fast-paced offense. Nash is currently employed by the Golden State Warriors as a player development consultant. Another part-time gig sees him covering soccer for Bleacher Report.

4 Kevin Garnett

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The intense trash-talking of Kevin Garnett showed that he would do anything necessary to win games. Garnett was the happiest person when the Boston Celtics won the 2008 NBA Championship. The post-playing career of Garnett saw him taking a more relaxed role as part of the Inside the NBA studio team for a few years. KG also has worked as a consultant for the Los Angeles Clippers and Milwaukee Bucks.

3 Dirk Nowitzki

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The legendary NBA career of Dirk Nowitzki ended following the 2019-2020 season spending his entire career with the Dallas Mavericks. Nowitzki retired with the reputation as the best European basketball player of all-time. The post-NBA life of Dirk is relatively quiet so far with no coaching or broadcasting duties. Nowitzki seems content enjoying free time after decades of playing hoops.

2 Tim Duncan

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No NBA player dominated in as quiet of a fashion as Tim Duncan did throughout his career. Duncan was called the “Big Fundamental” for always making the right play. Life after retirement would see Duncan take a job as an assistant coach with his beloved San Antonio Spurs. We are in the first season of Duncan working on the staff of his mentor Gregg Popovich.

1 Kobe Bryant

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Kobe Bryant’s retirement came in impressive fashion when scoring 60 points and hitting a game-winner in his final 2016 game. The post-NBA life has seen Bryant taking on many new roles. Kobe won an Academy Award for his Dear Basketball animated short, has a successful ESPN show called Details, and even holds private camps to work with many of the younger NBA stars during the offseason.

Sources: ESPN, NBA TV

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