30 DIY Android Phone Hacks Every Gamer Should Know

Given that there are limited operating systems for mobile devices these days, it's not too incredible to know that there is a lot to do on both operating systems. While they have their own individual quirks, they also both allow you to do some pretty neat tricks without much time or know-how. By learning these tips and tricks, you will be able to enhance your gaming experience on whatever kind of device you use that runs on the Android operating system. It doesn't matter what kind of games you like to play, these tips and tricks can help with basic things like device maintenance, gaming ease, and do-it-yourself hacks.

It is important to note before we get started that I personally have not tried all of these hacks, and so cannot tell you for sure that they all work based on experience. However, I have come to find that the sources I've used are reliable, so you can have confidence that these will work for you, regardless of what update your device uses.

That being said, I personally like the Android operating system. It comes on a variety of devices, and doesn't take much to learn. I am not all that great with technology- I can get around and do what I need, but I am far from an IT specialist. So having a list like this helps me to know what my phone is capable of. I hope that you learn a little from this list, and if you are an avid gamer on mobile devices, that you can utilize at least one point in your personal gaming life.

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30 In Full Color

For those of us not old enough to have thoroughly enjoyed the SNES system in it's prime (but have probably checked out the games via emulators much later), the Android operating system also has a site to check out for classic Gameboy Advanced games. Pokémon is just one of the many titles for you to check out, and it doesn't require a whole lot of keystrokes like using an emulator on the computer. If you want to check it out, here's an article that goes more into detail about it with a link.

29 Stay Signed In

Want to play an idle game, but don't want to have to keep signing in to check on your progress? Android has come up with a pretty slick way to keep your phone unlocked as long as it's on your person. Under smart lock in your security and location folder, you can select on-body location. That will use sensors to determine if your phone is on your person. Beware of leaving it on in public though, as long as your phone is next to a body - anybody- it will be open for whoever has your phone.

28 Bloatware Problems No More

One thing about Android that I really can't stand is the fact that they have so much bloatware on every device. I'm not technically inclined enough to be able to root my own devices, and honestly, I'm a little afraid to. Thankfully, they have ways around this and you don't have to root the system. If you're wanting to record what's going on on your device (say you are a gamer on YouTube and need stuff for your videos), you can open an app like AZ screen recorder that allows you to work around the bloatware.

27 Search By Dev

If you know what kind of game you like to play, chances are you like certain developers more than others. If you don't watch the app store like a hawk, chances are you won't know if any more games by one person or company have come out. Good news though- if you want to search by developer instead of game, all you have to do is search using the phrase Pub: developer's name. That will bring up all games and applications created by the developer who has caught your interest.

26 Pick And Choose

One way to save on battery and data is to pick and choose which of your apps get automatically updated. This is a fairly simple trick that can be done in the settings of your android. By going under the three dots in the play store of the app you want to silence, you can adjust how often it updates. Even though it may not seem like a lot, it can really help increase your battery life, which in turn increases play time.

25 A Real Controller

Like to play platformers on your phone but hate the controls or lack thereof? Similarly to how a PS4 can be used to charge your android, you can also pair the remote to your device using bluetooth technology. This can help increase your gaming experience, particularly if you are anything like me and prefer a controller to any other method of play. Simply press the PS button and the share button at the same time until the light on your controller turns white. You'll have to enable the device on your game, but that's easy.

24 Better Games Across Devices

Does the bond between PlayStation 4 and Android know no bounds? Not only can you use the controller for your favorite mobile titles, you can also play some games remotely on your phone. You'll need the ice cream sandwich operating update or better. After grabbing the modded remote play app, you should be able to pair your devices. It will allow you to play any game you have downloaded on to your PlayStation 4 back at home. You can see detailed instructions here.

23 Removing Bloatware

As I've said before, I am not as great with technology as I'd like to admit. So the idea of rooting my device is a little intimidating to me. Luckily, there are ways around it so that you can clear off your Android without having to root it. If you go into an application's function under the applications section of the settings, you'll see the buttons 'force stop' and 'disable'. Click on them in that order. There is another way to do it using your pc. That one is a bit more complicated, so check it out here.

22 Use A Console To Charge Your Phone

The trouble with any device is that it tends to lose battery depending on use. For gamers, this can be trouble if you're in the middle of something and autosave won't reactivate for a while. But chances are good that if you play lots of games on your phone, you also either own or know someone who owns a PlayStation 4. If you happen to be somewhere and you forgot the block on the end of your charge chord, the USB end of your chord will attach to a PlayStation 4 system and charge your phone for you.

21 An Oldie But A Goodie

Love to tickle that nostalgia bone? If you were old enough to remember playing on the SNES, they've made ways for you to relive those games and memories right on your Android operating app. This is a way to emulate old SNES games without having to play knockoff titles. You'll also be able to save your games on here, a feature that wasn't available on the original SNES system. With this, you'll have a fairly decent selection of games, although keep in mind they're not all available. See it here.

20 Extra Perks

To really mine a game, sometimes you have to go above and beyond. With operating systems like the Android, there are ways to do this (once again without rooting!) in order to get some really nice in-game prizes. This one is an app that you download to get extra money, lives, etc. for your games. The application is called the Game Killer and you can find a link to it here. My husband is okay with this kind of thing after beating the game, but I prefer old school grinding. What's your play method?

19 Devices Of A Certain Age

If you happen to be like me and use your items until they've begged for mercy, then you'll know that it's okay not to have the newest update. Users on older devices tend to have lag and delays while playing, and while it can be frustrating, it doesn't have to be permanent. You can use the Seeder App (found here) to help refresh your device's entropy pool of data to search through, making things move a lot smoother continuously both in-game and out.

18 A Better View

Part of the gaming experience on your Android device is the overall look of the game. having a device that allows you to have the best graphics a game can offer can enhance your playtime exponentially. So what if you have a device with pretty bad graphics? Simple. Try the GLTools app, which can help your processing power and enable the best of what a game can give. It does require a root, but if you're okay with that, it can make or break a game.

17 Game Changing

Like to play games but hate having to play by all of their rules? To make gaming easier on a mobile device, sometimes developers make controls hard or uncomfortable to use for some gamers. So, if you find you don't like certain controls in your game, try the nox app, which will allow you to remap your controls and play all sorts of games. It is compatible with a lot of games, and doesn't necessarily need you to root your system. It also allows you to play mobile games on a computer.

16 Turn It Off

One of the biggest things you'll need for a good gaming experience is great battery life. Android battery varies from device to device, but all of them can help have their juice extended by removing background services. Even if you don't pull them up, Android does have some apps that stay open no matter what you've got on your main screen at the time. Go to your developer's options and find "background check." That will give you a list of your apps, to which you can check which ones you want to control.

15 Gotta Go Fast?

There is a thing in computing called 'overclocking'. From my basic understanding, it's trying to push the hardware to go faster than it was intended to go. It's when you want to play a game that needs a lot of processing power, but having a system that isn't made for newer games. (You can find a video explaining it in more detail here). By running your system the way it was intended, you can help ultimately speed up your device and run applications easier.

14 Spring Cleaning

Ok, chances are if you're reading this, you understand that you need to occasionally clear your cache. Dare I say it, you've probably helped an older relative or friend to do so on their own device. But in the rare chance you aren't in that category, this one is for you. Your cache holds a lot of the information about what you do on your devices. Go to your settings and open the applications folder. From there, select which app you'd like to clear and then there should be an option to clear your cache.

13 Dual Screens

Ever play a game and need a little help from a walkthrough but couldn't exit the app? You can solve that by opening a second screen at the same time. (Just for processing purposes, this is best for games without a lot of motion). To make a split screen, push the square button on the bottom of your device that opens all recent windows. From there, drag the title bar to either the top or the left of the screen. Voila, you have an instant dual screen on your device.

12 Stay Where You Are

As a mother, I will occasionally let my daughter watch something on my phone. Inevitably though, she starts thumbing through several other things on it. I don't want to have to sit with her while she uses my phone (I just check up on her), so being able to pin the screen is a life saver. Go to settings and then security and enable screen pinning. From there, you should be able to find a pin on the bottom section of the screen to lock in which app they can use.

11 Tell Me Again

Ever get distracted while thumbing through notifications and accidentally delete the only one you cared about? Your phone still has them, you just need to know where to look. From the widgets menu on the home screen, (to get there, just hold the screen until you can choose from a few different choices) drop a settings icon anywhere on-screen. A list will pop up, and by choosing notifications, you can see a history of the notifications you've thumbed through without actually reading.

10 A New Device

If you've been paying attention this whole time, I mentioned something earlier that you might not know too much about: the developer options. The developer options is almost like being seen as the admin, and it gives you access to some things you wouldn't have been able to get beforehand. Go to settings and about, and tap on your phone's build number 7 times. After that, have some fun! You'll receive a message declaring you a bona fide developer, and can do a lot more things.

9 Quick Setting Cheat

This one isn't quite as pertinent for gamers, as getting to the quick setting menu is already pretty easy. But, if you've found yourself addicted to a game and don't want to waste much time elsewhere (I've been there, I know how it is), then this is a good trick to have memorized. Instead of swiping up with one finger, you can use two to bring up the quick setting menu. Some games will even allow you to do this while paused.

8 Secrets, Secrets

Some makes and models of Android phones come with fun bloatware- games you can play that might not be available anywhere else. One of those games is a secret and is only found on systems like marshmallow and lollipop. Go to your settings and about and then click repeatedly on your device's version number. Eventually, either a lollipop or marshmallow will pop up. By clicking on that, you can play the game. It will be themed based on your phone's system.

7 A Greater Horizon

Similarly to how you can make your Android play PlayStation 4 games, you also have the opportunity to play some PC games. After downloading the Moonlight app onto your Android device, you can arrange for a way to play games on your device. Unfortunately, it doesn't work on every device, so check the links in the description of this youtube tutorial for both how to make the app work and which devices can be used.

6 DIY Joystick

For those mechanically inclined who want to bring the console gaming experience to their mobile games, you can find a tutorial on Youtube here of how to make a joystick for your device. Everything you need to make this joystick can be found around the house or for pretty cheap in a local store. I personally like having a joystick to use when playing my games, especially when you're using a touchscreen device. It makes moving a little easier, and can help with control of characters.

5 Streaming Along

If you like to play games and have some sort of social media that you want to stream to, there are quite a few apps to use. One of the easiest to use for posting to Youtube is the Youtube gaming app. It allows you to play any Android game in a stream straight to your channel. For smaller channels or people just starting their gaming career, it's a great way to make content, as many games on Android are free and fun.

4 Sudden Change In Temperature

Mobile devices are basically tiny computers, and one aspect of a computer is that the processor needs to be kept cool. One thing that can heat up your phone and make it laggy and slow is a sudden change in temperature. This is hardest to avoid during the peak of the summer and winter, when inside and outside are at odds. Most devices have ways to cool off quickly, but there does come a time when you have to put it down and interact with the real world.

3 Keep It Separate

These days, it's pretty easy to have all of your device needs in one. Most phones hold the same capacity as a tablet, making it pretty useless to have both a tablet and phone. Should you have more than one device (say perhaps one for work and one for home, or you're holding onto other people's devices), it's best not to pile them all together. They get warm by being in proximity to each other, and that can make gaming pretty hard.

2 Charging Quickly

If you're at a very important part of your game but are running low on battery, it's good to know ways to help your device charge in the most efficient way. One of the things that slow charging down is the fact that Android devices are almost always constantly updating installed applications. However, when you put your device on airplane mode, it can't get those updates. That's good for you though, because then the device can focus on getting charged.

1 Improve Your Wifi

Most games these days require a wifi signal to keep updated with the most recent changes. Sometimes keeping a good signal can be easier said than done, especially in a public location. One thing to do when in a public place is to download an app that will tell you about what signal you're using. You can find out where the signal is strongest. When you're connected to a public signal, it's best to know exactly what you're getting into.

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