Anfisa And Jorge: 10 Things The Couple From 90 Days Fiance Are Up To now

The world was turned upside down for 90 Day Fiance reality couple Anfisa and Jorge recently. After Anfisa traveled across the globe to be with her man, their fairytale came crashing down when he made some questionable decisions that ended up landing him behind bars.

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Now the married couple is learning to adjust to life apart as she works on staying physically and emotionally stable and he serves out his sentence. Here is what is new with 90 Day Fiance favorites, Anfisa and Jorge.

10. Anfisa Is Staying Busy

Anfisa and her husband Jorge aren't precisely enjoying their time as newlyweds. Jorge was sentenced to a somewhat excessive sentence for breaking the law, and his wife feels that they both received excessive punishments. Her love life is clearly in chains without her man by her side. She updated fans on how she is faring by saying that while she waits nearly two years for his release, she is staying busy working out at the gym and devoting time to her schooling and studies.

9. Busy, But Alone

Because she was a bride who moved across the world to be a wife, she never had a strong support system here in the states. With Jorge spending his days behind bars, Anfisa could really use a friend these days. She has said that she feels very alone without her husband by her side and has told fans that she "literally has no one here in the states". Hopefully, she can make some meaningful connections with people that she meets at school or at her local gym. Two years is a long time to feel isolated.

8. Anfisa Continues To Support Her Man

We think it is fair to say that this is not exactly how Anfisa saw her fairytale dreams playing out when she committed to loving and supporting Jorge. She moved across the globe to be with him giving up the only life she ever knew, and now she finds herself alone as he does his time. Even though she cannot possibly be thrilled with the turn of events, she seems to be ready and willing to stand by her man, supporting him through this rough time. Let's hope she is strong enough to continue her devotion for the next few years.

7. The Pair Took A Pre-Lockup Vacation

Before Jorge headed off to the slammer after submitting a guilty plea for attempting to transport illegal substances across state lines for the purposes of sale in the state of Arizona, he and his beautiful wife got away for some sun and relaxation in the Dominican Republic. While the couple enjoyed their time basking in the island sun between Anfisa's school semesters, Jorge alluded to the fact that he would be gearing up for a more extended vacation in the near future. Was he referring to his jail sentence?

6. No Television Return

While Anfisa and Jorge remain TLC's 90 Day Fiance's golden couple, fans will have to live without witnessing their love on their televisions screens because the couple won't be returning to the popular franchise. Considering Jorge's legal troubles, it would make sense that appearing on television would be an obvious nope. Fans will have to hold out for an Anfisa-only return or a comeback in two years once Jorge is again a free man. Spinoff show maybe? We will cross our fingers.

5. Anfisa Is All About A Healthy Lifestyle

Beautiful Anfisa continues to commit herself to staying as fit and healthy as possible. The raven-haired stunner has sparked some concern for her thinness and has taken to the internet to assure fans that she doesn't starve herself and is bent on staying healthy the good old fashion way. She works out, eats as clean as possible, doesn't smoke and doesn't drink. Until recently Anfisa didn't even drink coffee, but since getting more involved in school, she has started to indulge in a cup on the days that she has class.

4. Anfisa Recently Got Botox

So Anfisa should be saving every penny that she has now that her husband is spending the next few years in the pen. The couple will no longer be getting a check from TLC, as they have quit taping their show, 90 Day Fiance, and Jorge's legal issues likely cost the pair a pretty penny, but that isn't slowing Anfisa's spending habits down. She recently let her fans know that she got Botox in her forehead and around her eyes. At least she didn't get her lips done as well. She claims to have not had them done since 2006.

3. She Let Fans Know They Could Send The Couple Money

Fans of the couple inquired what they could do to support the pair now that Jorge would be "off the grid", and Anfisa would be fending for herself. She could have told everyone that they were going to be just fine, but instead she revealed all of Jorge's inmate information and told fans that they could send funds ahead to support Jorge, and he could then support her better. Looks like all of those kind-hearted folks who sent a check ended up paying for Anfisa's recent cosmetic surgeries.

2. Anfisa Has Her Sights Set On A Four-Year College

Right now Anfisa is splitting her free time between a community college and the gym. She plans to take her studies to the next level soon enough though and has let her fans know that she has her sights set on a four-year college with a start date of 2020. By then her hubby will be home to help support her in her learning. We can't wait to see what this driven lady decides to become in her next chapter of life.

1. No Baby Plans

Before Jorge took a two-year hiatus from his wife to serve time for his crimes, he and Anfisa sparked baby-maybe rumors every other week. There was always some little emoji or discreetly placed hand to make fans wonder if the couple indeed had a bun baking in the oven. It's clear now that those murmurings were not true Anfisa has never looked more svelte than she does these days. As for a baby in the future? Anfisa has recently said that a little one is NOT in the couple's five-year plan.

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