Angelic Donkey Produces Stunning Soprano Song

This donkey might not look like an angel, but she has the voice of one. Sort of.

When you think of a donkey, you generally hear the discordant “hee-haw” sound that they generally make. That sound is caused by inhaling and exhaling over vocal chords that aren’t designed to do much more than indicate stress or excitement.

However, the bray of this donkey is unexpectedly melodious, even though she can really only hold a single note.

Meet Harriet, a donkey living in Galway, Ireland, about an hour’s drive west of Dublin. She lives on a homestead with a loving family where she’s kept as a pet. We don’t recommend donkeys as pets unless you have a lot of space and free time to care for them, but they can be quite intelligent and affectionate with their owners.

And affectionate with random passersby, especially when they offer up some snacks.

Our cameraman is Martin Stanton, 51, who lives about 15 minutes away from Harriet. Every day on his walk home from work, Stanton would give Harriet some treats--usually some bread, carrots, or sometimes her favorite of ginger nut biscuits.

“She's so friendly and gentle,” Stanton told CTV News.


Harriet has never sounded like other donkeys, according to Stanton (although we’re not sure how many donkeys he’s heard from), but today Harriet sounded completely different. She sounded… kinda good?

“I couldn’t stop laughing – she’s never made that noise,” said Stanton. “I think she was pleased to see the bag of treats. I try to see her as often as possible, work permitting.

We were lucky that Stanton decided to record his visit on this occasion so that we could could all hear the incredible tone of Harriet the Donkey. Now we just need to get this donkey on TV. Who wants to sponsor her for a spot on Britain's Got Talent? Harriet is guaranteed to at least get into the top three. Maybe she’ll even take the whole thing. We just need to teach her to sing a few other notes.

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