Angry Moose Chases Skiers Off His Lawn In Colorado

Angry Moose Chases Skiers Off His Lawn In Colorado

An angry moose is on the loose in the ski hills of Colorado.

Colorado. Known for its love of a certain type of medicinal herb, it’s varied and exotic cuisines, and its world-renowned ski resorts. But being this close to nature often puts skiers in the path of an enormous neighbor that’s not always too happy to share his lawn with fun-loving humans.

Or maybe he’s just trying to rescue humans he things are tumbling down a hill. We’ll try and cover this story from both sides.

Let’s start with the facts. On Saturday, January 19th, in the middle of the afternoon, a large bull moose appeared at Breckenridge Ski Resort in Breckenridge, Colorado. The moose was captured on film by resort goer Lauren Drogsvold, who had the presence of mind to record the majestic creature as it came charging towards her and several other skiers.

Now, there are two ways we can look at this. The first way--and the one generally agreed upon by wildlife experts--is that moose are territorial creatures, and although generally calm and placid, they’ll utterly ruin you if they feel they are threatened. And since moose typically weigh somewhere around a ton and have antlers that span 6 feet, they can do a lot of damage to a pickup truck, let alone a human being with a pair of wooden planks on their feet.


On the other hand, we could look at this in a slightly kinder light for the moose. Perhaps the moose spotted these humans skiing downhill and thought that they were in need of assistance. That they were actually falling down a snow-covered mountain to their eventual demise and that they were in need of rescuing.

Really, it could go either way. The experts and even the skiers agree that the moose was definitely trying to kill them, but being a gentle herbivore says that the moose was trying to rescue them.

You can watch the video and be your own judge. We’ll just leave you with what Drogsvold said in her Instagram post: “But on a more serious note, moose are fast, aggressive and VERY dangerous. If you come across one on the slopes, in town, or in the wild, keep your distance and respect the wildlife."

(Source: Summit Daily)


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