Animal Activists Upset With "The Rock" After Posting Aquarium Trip On Instagram

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has come under fire this week for posting photos on Instagram of himself and his family visiting the Georgia Aquarium.

Animal rights have long been a hot-button topic but they seem to be getting more and more prevalent with every passing day. Massive amounts of people are choosing to be vegetarian or vegan due to the inhumane treatment of livestock, and there is also the ever-present issue of whether it is okay to keep typically "wild" animals in captivity.

Zoos, safari parks, and aquariums are a big no-no for many people. But, truth be told, in 2018, it is really something of a grey area. Yes, those who keep animals in captivity are profiting off those creatures, but in a lot of cases, those animals are being kept in enclosures for their own good. Some species would be extinct if it wasn't for zoos and aquariums.

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Most of us can pay a visit to an aquarium and not receive massive amounts of backlash. For celebrities, it's not so easy. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson visited the Georgia Aquarium earlier this week with his wife and daughter and posted the photos to Instagram. That's where The Rock made his mistake. Since then, the comments sections on the photos have been littered with comments from animal rights advocates slamming the wrestler turned movie star for promoting sea creatures being kept in captivity.

The photos feature The Rock with his family, another of the star meeting a beluga whale, and a candid picture of him standing next to an inquisitive sea lion. No matter how entertaining the photos might be though, it hasn't stopped people speaking out against places like the Georgia Aquarium for existing and for using animals to line their own pockets.

The Rock is yet to respond to the backlash his photos have received. In all fairness, he is an extremely busy man, so perhaps he will offer a retort once he gets a free five or ten minutes to do so. The argument over whether animals should be kept in captivity will rage on though, with or without The Rock, and there are certainly arguments to be made for each side.

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