10 Incredible Animal Weight Loss Stories to Encourage You to Keep Going

The first week after you join the gym you find yourself staring at the neon fob on your keychain, silently debating whether or not you are going to stick to your weekly exercise plan. We have all been there, excited to begin the journey to a summer-ready body, as we go through a mental and physical transformation.


Sometimes this isn't enough to keep us going, as we are deterred by the amount of time we have to put in and the lack of results. It is why we have compiled this list of animal weight loss stories to encourage you to keep going, because, like these animals, you are not a quitter. Keep reading to see encouraging and incredible animal weight loss stories!

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10 This Sphynx is Confident in its own skin

This chunky cat worked her tail off to lose the weight, going from a roly-poly to a slender queen. She is still working on her image, but so far the results have been more than she ever could have hoped for.

She feels confident in her body, unafraid to show a little skin now that she's put in the effort. We should all take a lesson in positive body image from this feline, as she struts her stuff to the litter box.

9 Dennis the Diet King

Dennis was literally a ball of fat before he started his journey and no one thought he would ever cut the pounds. He understands how losing a lot of weight can leave unpleasant results, as his owners resorted to tying his loose flaps of skin up with a towel.

Even with this negative aspect, Dennis feels free and more energetic than before. He looks forward to his walks and savors the snacks he is allowed to have, understanding how portion control allows you to appreciate the finer things in life.

8 From Goldichub to Goldilocks

This pup was a chunky monkey when she started out, and she was happy with who she was, but she knew she could be better. She decided it was her personal goal to cut a few pounds, looking to serve no one but her own self-esteem.

The pounds took time to fade away, but with each one her self-esteem grew and the other dogs at the park took notice. She not only transformed her body but her mind as well, as she took the steps to victory.

7 Who Knew 30 lbs Could Make a Difference?

This dog was overweight, but not obese, only looking to lose around 30 pounds. She went on extra runs and cut back on her food each day, eventually achieving stunning results. She lost the weight, but she sculpted her body in the process, becoming a dime piece during her journey.


She can't even walk down the street anymore without the neighborhood dogs howling her name, wanting to know her special secret. None of them believe her when she tells them it was ambition and perseverance which got her to this point.

6 This Pony Became a Stallion

When this horse arrived at the ranch he looked swollen and ill, but after he lost the weight he turned into a stallion. He saw a female he wanted to impress, but decided until he improved upon himself he would not horse around with her.

They are now an item, frolicking the fields together, and he has no problem keeping up after his months of training. He knows she would have liked him how he was before, but he did this to prove he could do it.

5 The Secret to Anti-Aging

This cat actually looks younger in each picture as he lost more and more weight. His fur became brighter with a pure shine and his energy increased as well. He was nothing more than a piece of useless furniture to his owners until he transformed himself into Fluffy 2.0, taking on every mouse and bug who invaded his space.

He began doing things he thought he might never do again, which is why this cat wants you to keep at your gym routine because he understands the benefits.

4 If this Dog can do it so can you

This dog is noticeably older, his steps slow not just from being overweight. He grew lazy in his advanced age, choosing to sleep the day away, but one day he woke up and knew he wanted to make a change.


He began swimming and sniffing more than he ever had before, breaking the limits he had set for himself years ago. He reverted back to his younger days of adventure and pure excitement, joining the other dogs once again in their games of fetch.

3 Say Goodbye to Horrible Nicknames

Being overweight, especially in school, can lead to some pretty horrifying nicknames. Bullies don't care how it affects your self-confidence or tears your heart into pieces every time the utter the horrible words, but this cat decided to put an end to it for good. She ignored her haters and decided to prove them wrong, making better lifestyle choices to bring herself to a healthy weight.

Her classmates saw her years later and barely recognized her, the worst of the bunch attempting to make amends, but she would never forget. She didn't do this to be included,  but rather to boost her confidence and self-esteem and her story should inspire you to keep going.

2 When Disease Pushes Us to Alter our Lifestyle Choices

This cat was given the option to lose the weight or die, which wasn't much of a choice at all. She chose life, working with a trainer and dietician to slice the weight off inch by inch. She was determined to survive and beat the disease which would have left her with total organ failure.

She learned to appreciate every breath of life as she started attending cat yoga classes, easing her anxious soul. She was a fighter and her hard work paid off, letting her live a full life filled with joy and laughter.

1 No Better Christmas Present than Losing the Weight

Puggy was struggling beneath his weight as the burdens of life weighed him down. He had delved into poor eating habits after his first owner died, trying to consume enough food to fill the hole in his heart. All he received for his efforts was pound after pound and one day he decided he was sick of it.

He turned over a new leaf and mastered his grief, rather than let it continue to run his life. He worked on himself and learned to love his new family, never forgetting the one who passed on to a better place. He lost the weight in their honor and he knows they are out there somewhere applauding him for his valiant effort.


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