10 Animals Who Have Figured Out The Public Transit System

Animals are extremely different from human beings. But at the same time, the two are very similar to one another as well, as animals are very smart.

For example, there is an elephant in South Korea that can actually speak some Korean. That might be hard to believe, but it is true. The elephant, whose name is Koshik, is capable of using his trunk to say a few words.

It’s not very likely that he can understand what he is saying, but this is still simply amazing. Another fascinating fact is that many animals know how to use public transportation.

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10 Some Dogs Know How To Travel By Bus

Everyone enjoys going to the park one in a while, including animals. Many of them have a lot of fun at dog parks, which is the case when it comes to this sweet dog, whose name is Eclipse.

Every day after this canine wakes up, Eclipse goes to the nearest bus stop and waits. When the bus arrives, she hops on and heads to the dog park, and sometimes her owner meets her there.

Apparently, this has been happening for a while now. This cute Labrador Retriever even has her own bus pass, and it is attached to her collar.

9 There Is A Bear Who Hitchhikes

Bears are very intimidating, to say the least. But apparently they also have important places to go, just like anyone else does.

For instance, there is a bear in Mexico that has been seen by many of the locals on numerous occasions. He can often be seen searching for something to eat, as well as hanging out with people who are nearby.

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Apparently, this furry animal likes to stand near the highway. When a vehicle stops, he gets in the back of it and goes wherever he wants to go. The locals know him as “the bear of La Encantada.”

8 Sometimes Monkeys Like To Catch A Ride

There are a lot of monkeys in New Delhi, India. Apparently, there are so many of them in that area that it is not uncommon to see them running around the city from time to time.

Moreover, it is also not that uncommon for passengers on a train to sit next to one. What’s an even more interesting thing is that they actually are not bad passengers.

One might think that there would be some interesting events taking place on a train that has a monkey on it. However, they have been known to remain calm and take a seat.

7 Pigeons Don’t Always Want To Fly

Most birds get where they want to go by flying. But some of them like to give their wings a rest, so they use other methods when they want to travel.

There are some pigeons in Stockholm that use the subway. They wait on it to arrive, and then they hop on it. Once the train arrives at the next stop, the pigeons usually leave and go on a search for any tasty food they can find.

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This may have started with one pigeon ending up there on accident. Nevertheless, these adorable creatures really seem to like using the subway.

6 Subways Aren’t Just For People

There are 20 dogs who have figured out how to ride on the subways in various locations in Russia. Nobody knows how the canines figured how to do this, but there are some theories floating around out there.

Some believe the powerful sense of smell a dog has plays a part in this. Others seem to think it has more to do with the fact that they associate changes in lighting with certain locations, which would let the dogs know where they are at. Lastly, one theory suggests that the animals have learned the names of each of the stations.

5 Cats Love To Travel

One of the things cats are known for is the fact that they are very intelligent. In addition, quite a few of them have used public transportation to get where they want to go.

That’s where this cat comes in. At first, he just liked visiting the bus stop because the people there would feed him.

But it didn’t take long for him to start getting on the buses and riding with the passengers. Some of the people who regularly ride the bus there bring cans of food for him, and he sits in their laps before heading back home.

4 This Coyote Hopped On A Train

There are numerous events that were so fascinating that they inspired songs. For example, in 2002, a coyote boarded the MAX Light Rail at Portland International Airport, and some songs were later made about this event.

Beforehand, the animal spent time walking around outside of the building as some planes took off and others landed. He was chased away, so he got on a train.

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Apparently, the animal was rather relaxed when he got on the train. Someone spotted him sitting in a seat. After a while, someone called an animal control officer, and the animal was captured and released.

3 Koalas Flew To Singapore

It seems that furry creatures use airplanes quite often. In fact, there was a time when four koalas were spotted on a plane.

Their names were Paddle, Pellita, Idalia, and Chan. These animals, which are from Australia, went on a trip to Singapore.

These four creatures were living their best life on the flight. Apparently, the flight attendants treated these cute koalas to some really yummy snacks, one of which was eucalyptus. The four of them had some other things to eat as well before they were returned to their special living spaces for the remainder of their exciting trip.

2 Snakes Have Been Known To Catch A Flight

Snakes On A Plane is not just a movie. This actually became a reality for one woman recently when she discovered that there was a python in her suitcase during a flight from Australia.

It seems that the creature had been in one of Moira Boxall’s shoes during the 9,000 trip. This snake had even started to shed his skin while he was in there.

Boxall called The Scottish SPCA. They determined that the snake was not venomous, and they quarantined it.

This is not the first time something like this has happened. Apparently snakes like to slither and fly.

1 This Dog Hitched A Ride On An Ambulance

Dogs are very loyal creatures, and they don’t really like being separated from their owners. This is even more true when they know their owners are not feeling very well.

One dog went as far as riding on the outside of an ambulance when his owner was being taken to the hospital. At the time, the owner had been feeling dizzy. Someone who worked there called the ambulance. Another driver on the road got their attention to let them know a dog was travelling with them, and so they stopped and put the dog inside the vehicle with his owner.

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