10 Pets That Stole The Show In These Family Photos

Family portraits are something that we as a society still do, even though it's debatable if anyone actually likes doing them. You have to get the whole family together, make sure that they all look nice, and hope that everyone can sit still for, like, 20 seconds while the picture is being taken. It's even worse when you're trying to coordinate outfits because there's always going to be someone who doesn't wear the proper clothes.

Pets are pretty much the best members of any family, and they will definitely be a part of the annual family photo. The thing about pets, though, is that they don't really understand the construct of taking a group picture, so they will pretty much do whatever they want, whenever they want–even if it ruins (or arguably improves) the picture.

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10 The Perfect Photobomb

via: Pinterest

The whole family is typically what is supposed to be in focus in a family photo, but we all know that the pets are the most important part. This dog seems to feel the same way since it just moseyed on over to the lens. We see it in all of its glory and the rest of the family is just a part of the blurry background.

Honestly, though, this dog is very cute and should get its own portrait.

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9 Floating Heads In The Sky

via: Pinterest

When trying to come up with a theme for a family photo, going with matching turtlenecks and a superimposed face of your cat is a great way to go.

At some point, people took portraits like this in a fairly serious way, but now it's just a joke that has continued with no sign of stopping. Sure, they look very awkward but it's also quite enjoyable to have a floating cat head hanging around in your living room.

8 Hipster Dogs

via: sontra.com

There's a new baby in town and this time, it's an actual baby and not just another dog. These dogs are now the protector of this tiny human and they're also going to be their style coordinator as they get older.

That beanie/glasses combo really looks great on those pups. Soon enough, they'll be telling this baby to go to their slam poetry reading on Friday nights. If they weren't dogs, they might even go vegan but that doesn't really work for puppy bodies.

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7 Smile!

The baby in this picture doesn't look like they're having a super great day, but the dog is definitely living its best life. In fact, this dog is so happy that it's making one of the widest smiles that a dog could ever make. It also has a bit of a crazy look in its eyes which may mean that this dog was going to be running around very hyper for a long time.

At least the photographer managed to capture this energetic puppy before it started running around in circles.

6 Attack Of The Dogs

via: Pinterest

Something must have been going on here, but all we have now is this picture with very little context. These dogs have their teeth bared, ready to fight, but it's not clear if they're barking at each other or if they're trying to get their revenge on the sibling in the center of this picture.

His siblings seem to be having a grand old time in this photo shoot, but the middle child is visibly uncomfortable. Just hope he survived this picture okay.

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5 Angel Dog

via: Pinterest

Dogs are always the best part of any holiday card, but this one really takes the cake. At first, it just looks like an old-timey Christmas card, but, up above the guy, there is an angel dog flying in the air, trying to put the star on top of the tree. This picture is a prime example of why Photoshop was created. Floating dogs will always make any picture at least ten times better.

4 That Is One Cool-Looking Family

There are a lot of regrettable things about fashion in the 90's and one of the main fashion offenders were the sunglasses. As a society, we have improved the look of sunglasses so much in the past few years, but back then there were no sets of shades that didn't look regrettable.

While they were trying to look cool, it turns out that the only one who does is the dog–no matter what kind of sunglasses they are, any dog in a pair of sunglasses is going to look really, really cool.

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3 Get Me Out Of Here!

These two loving cat parents wanted to show off their adorable kitty in their newest family portrait, but the cat has something else in mind. In the picture, it looks like it may be smiling like its parents are, but knowing how cats work, it's trying to make its escape.

Cats are very loving creatures, but they don't like to show their love in very direct ways. They would much rather sit on your computer keyboard while you're working than sit calmly and look cute for a family photo shoot.

2 Unicorn Cat

via: Pinterest

It's the long-lost mythical creature that nobody ever knew existed–the unicorn cat! It looks both majestic and very adorable. The owner of this fine specimen donned a unicorn horn as well so that this loving family of two can be matching in their portraits.

What a great time to be alive, when cats and humans can wear unicorn horns together. This will definitely be a trend since unicorn horns for cats are pretty cheap and easy to find on Amazon.

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1 What Is This Creature?

via: Pinterest

At first glance, this animal just looks like a giant Guinea pig, but after a little research, it seems to be a different creature – a capybara. They are found in South America and in very un-scientific terms, are pretty much just giant Guinea pigs.

Whatever it is, though, it's very cute and that family seems very excited to have such a large and unusual house pet. Well, at least the boy in the middle looks very excited about their capybara. The other two, not so much.

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