10 Times Animals Were Total Jerks

Most of us love animals, choosing to bring them into our lives in the form of pets, but that doesn't change the fact that they can be real jerks sometimes! Unlike human beings that have empathy and an understanding of what is okay in polite society, an animal will just do whatever it wants, whenever it wants.

This is why we decided to take a look at ten times that animals were being total jerks. It's always funny to remind ourselves that these cute and tiny things can end up being bigger jerks than human beings sometimes!

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10 The Fear In His Eyes

Normally, we wouldn't say that this cat is actually being much of a jerk, but we only have to take a quick glance at the eyes on the bottom cat to see that he clearly isn't very comfortable with what is happening here!

We can only assume that he is so scared of the cat that is resting their paws on him that he doesn't feel like he can tell him to get off. If we're being honest, we would be surprised if this image didn't descend into a fight about ten seconds after this photograph was taken, because we've never known a cat that would take this.

9 That Dog Better Run...

Anybody that has ever owned both a cat and a dog will know that this dog better make a quick run for it once they decide they've had enough fun here, because there's no chance that this cat will let them get away with this sort of behavior.

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Even if they don't manage to grab them now, they will bide their time and give him a bite later on in the day, whatever it takes to ensure that this dog learns that there's no way that they'll ever get away with this sort of thing again. Just look at the anger in that cat's eyes!

8 Way Too Chill

Everyone that likes to look up animals on the internet will know that this big rodent is called a Capybara and they famously get on with every single animal out there, unable to really get mad at them.

However, there is such a thing as too chill, and we can't believe that this big guy is allowing a goat to just fully sit on his head. It's pretty cheeky for that tiny thing to sit on his head and get away with it, just because they know that the Capybara will never do anything about it!

7 Who Knew A Penguin Could Be Naughty?!

If it was up to us, we would have signs like this outside every single animal enclosure in a zoo, detailing exactly how the worst behaved and the best-behaved version of that animal was getting on in the zoo. However, we have to say that this has definitely ruined our belief that all penguins are lovely and caring animals.

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It would seem that they're capable of stealing from animals just like them and, for no reason, pushing each other over! Even we have to admit though that the mental image of a penguin pushing over another penguin is very funny...

6 Clearly Doesn't Like The Baby

There's a lot of talk about the way that an older child will end up treating a younger sibling poorly when they're first born, as they are jealous of the fact that they are now taking up half the attention that they used to have all to themselves.

Based on this image alone, we think that there's clearly some evidence that cats are willing to do this as well, not able to deal with the fact that there is now another cute animal in the house that will be getting some of the attention. All of that being said, this has to be the funniest image on the list by far.

5 Hope Nobody Wants Eggs

We can't speak for anyone else, but our family knows that if the cat is on someone's lap, everyone else has to do what they ask for because they're not allowed to disturb the fluffy pet. What we're saying is, people better not want any eggs, otherwise they're going to have to wait until this little guy moves.

They can have one of the ones that aren't underneath the cat's body of course, but even then they run the risk of disturbing the pet and making it run away.

4 Should Probably Tell The Japanese!

It's a generally held rule that if somebody buys themselves something new, they have to make sure that they keep an eye on it for a day or two while the cats get used to it being there. They will check it out for a long time, constantly sniffing at it and more than likely climbing all over it as well.

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If owners aren't careful, they will end up with something like this, the cats having been given a chance to cause some destruction, which is one of a cat's favorite things to do in this world.

3 He Has His Own!

For context on this image, it shows a bird tucking into a sandwich while standing on the bread that was given to them by their owner. We can only assume that this is the bird just being a little bit stupid, rather than them doing this on purpose, but it doesn't highlight exactly how animals can get away with so much more than human beings can.

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It's so cute that the owner wanted to eat with their pet as well, but we imagine that they won't be doing it again anytime soon, as they will have learnt their lesson!

2 Everybody Likes A Munch

This is a perfect example of the way that baby animals know that they can get away with a lot more than their adult counterparts, so that's exactly what they do, taking advantage of this freedom while they still have it.

We can't really blame them for this, and it has to be said that this little puppy looks incredibly cute biting into this adult's leg, whether the adult would agree with this or not. We can only dream that we will one day be lucky enough to see two dogs interacting like this, because it's so cute.

1 Even Cats Like A Munch!

Just like we were saying before, cats will find a way to get back at a dog that has wronged them, and it would seem that this dog definitely wronged this cat at some point in the past!

In a way, we have a lot of respect for cats, as they refuse to be treated like anything lesser than what they are, which is a lesson that many human beings could learn from as well if we're being totally honest. So many of us are being metaphorically sat on every single day of our lives and yet we just let it happen, without ever biting back, metaphorically speaking of course.

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