10 Animated Movies Coming Out In 2019

In 2019, there are many animated movies to look forward to, including a couple that have been eagerly anticipated for a few years. From Disney and Pixar and many more, these animated movies are about many different things and feature a variety of animation styles. If you love animated movies of all kinds, you’ll definitely be excited about the items on this list. We’ve put together a list of 10 animated movies that are coming out this year. You’ll be sure to find at least one that you can’t wait to watch.

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Amusement parks are full of exciting rides and delicious treats, and even for many adults, they can be a really fun place to hang out. Kids especially are amazed at all of the large rides, and it’s fun to imagine how these rides could be even bigger and wilder.

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Wonder Park is about an amazing, over-the-top amusement park that takes place in the mind and imagination of a little girl named June, and the movie is about what happens when this magical world she created comes to life. Wonder Park looks to be a fun ride that people of all ages can enjoy.


This movie looks to be an animated film with a heartfelt message. The film tells the story of a town called Uglyville where being weird and different is a thing that’s celebrated. But, when a group of Uglyville inhabits go to the other side of their mountains, they find Perfection.

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This town is where traditional and conventional toy dolls learn how to be perfect and get training before being placed with a child. This film is all about learning to embrace differences and love yourself, which is a message that can resonate with many people.


Angry Birds started off as an extremely popular mobile game that took the world by storm. Then, it ended up becoming its own animated movie, and The Angry Birds 2 movie is the sequel to this first film. This movie will star the birds once again trying to keep the green pigs from stealing and scheming and is set to take all of these hijinks up a notch. While maybe not the most serious movie on the list, this is definitely a movie that kids will enjoy watching.


The first The Secret Life of Pets movie came out in 2016. This movie was based on the question: what do pets do while owners are away? The sequel will further explore this question and will continue to follow the life of the Jack Russell Terrier, Max, and his many other pet friends.

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Movies with adorable animated pets are often a hit with children, and the idea of exploring what pets do while we are away is definitely an intriguing one that will make pet owners everywhere laugh and feel fondly for their furry friends.


Spies in Disguise features a star-studded voice cast that includes Will Smith, Tom Holland, and Karen Gillan. This movie is about a spy named Lance Sterling and scientist named Walter Beckett who appear to be opposites in most ways. When things end up going sideways, Walter and Lance have to learn to count on one another to get out of the predicament they find themselves in. They will have to work together if they want to save the world. Spies in Disguise looks to be a fun and hilarious film that is a bit different than others on the list and is also not a sequel.


Missing Link follows the character of Mr. Link, a Bigfoot-like creature. After he gets tired of living alone in the forest of the Pacific Northwest, Mr. Link finds an explorer named Sir Lionel Frost who is willing to go on a journey to help Mr. Link find his relatives in a mythical place called Shangri-La. They then join up with another explorer named Adelina Fortnight, and the three of them meet many challenges and go on many adventures as they seek Mr. Link’s family. Of course, Mr. Link learns that family can be found in places that you wouldn’t expect.


This movie is a crossover event between Playmobil toys and the big screen. When it comes to movies for children, sometimes games and even toys are converted into full-length films.

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Maybe in a move to compete with the popular LEGO movies, Playmobil the Movie is about a young woman who enters the world of Playmobil toys as she searches for her brother who has gone missing. The voice actors for this film include famous actors such as Daniel Radcliffe and Adam Lambert, and the movie looks to be a fun, silly adventure.


How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World is the only movie on this list that is already in theaters. This movie is the third in the series and continues to explore the world of Toothless, Hiccup, Astrid, and their friends and fellow dragons. This movie is focused on themes of growing up and having courage and bravery. It’s also about how letting go can be difficult and features new characters such as another Night Fury.


Frozen 2 is one of the most anticipated movies on this list. The sequel to the 2013 hit is one that many people have been waiting for, and it will finally be released in November of this year. The first trailer for Frozen 2 has already been released, and the film is set to follow Ana, Elsa, and Kristoff as they leave Arendelle for new adventures as they seek to unravel the truth about mysteries related to their kingdom.


Toy Story 4 is the fourth installment in the Toy Story series, and it’s a movie that people have been waiting almost 10 years for. Toy Story 3 was released in 2010 and was definitely a poignant film that audiences loved. Toy Story 4, which features original voice actors from the series such as Tim Allen and Tom Hanks, follows Woody and Buzz Lightyear as they are joined by a new toy, Forky. The group of toys ends up on a roadtrip and explores the wide world.

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