18 Anime Drawings That Were Obviously Done By Thirsty Fanboys

Anime is a wide world of literature, art, books, shows, movies and more that all revolve around a very specific style of animation, setting, and storytelling. There is quite a large amount of people in the world who don't understand it, who ridicule it, or who just don't understand it or are completely unfamiliar.

And then there are the super-fans, those who live, breathe, and eat nothing but anime, who love to draw it, and when they're lonely, as many hardcore fans of any genre are at times, things can get a little weird. Sometimes really weird. This is true of anime, and there are some strange fan drawings out there. Let's take a look at some anime drawings that were obviously done by pervs.

18 Fairy With A Collar

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This person really likes the anime girl body, to have animated one like this, depicting a fairy flying with pink wings, stockings, a collared necklace, and little butterfly wings. I think it's safe to say that not many of us are looking at those parts of the picture, though.

17 Hard At Work

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This poor girl just wants to get her ship fixed up, but it looks like she is being interrupted. The person who drew this didn't want too much focus on the mechanical side of things, though, judging by the angle of the drawing and the size of the shorts she's wearing.

16 Rainbows, Pigtails And More

via lol-wallpapers.com

This anime girl was animated by someone by a very thirsty someone, that much is clear. Her outfit is unconscionably revealing and her anatomy is beyond belief. Clearly the person who drew this has a serious fixation of some kind, and probably enjoyed drawing this way too much.

15 Got A Thing For Bunnies?

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This scantily clad anime girl is rocking a onesie and some black tights, as well as some pink bunny ears to match her pink hair. The person responsible for drawing this one must have had a thing for bunnies, and for tight black leather. Sounds pretty intense, and looks it, too.

14 A Case Of The Blues

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Any case of the blues can be solved with beautiful anime women, right? What about anime demons who are dressed in skimpy outfits and have wings and horns? Well, for some, that's just the medicine they need. Blue skin for the blues. Fitting, right? Maybe.

13 Don't Let The Popsicle Melt

via miscellaneoushi.com

This seems like a pretty uncomfortable way to eat a popsicle, but that's just me. Clearly it's hot outside for this anime girl, she's hardly wearing any clothes, holding a fan, and eating a popsicle. I wonder why her foot is so massive. Perhaps whoever drew it has a thing for big feet.

12 Cute Elf In The Woods

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Hairband, jean shorts, and a low-cut top all add up to one very scantily clad anime girl. The illustrator had a really good time with this one, that's clear, and they've got some good skills, too, if we're looking at things objectively. Well, we're looking at things at least.

11 Nice Cat Tail

via imgrum.com

Complete with ears, a tail, and even leopard spots, this scantily clad furry is drawn in anime style, with plenty of curves and skin to please even the most desperate of dudes. While this is not in everyone's taste, for those who enjoy it, they really enjoy it. Good for them, I say.

10 Fantasy Anime Fusion

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The fantasy world has quite a bit of crossover at times between genres, sometimes with very, let's say, pleasurable results. The illustrator responsible for this photo of an elven warrior must have been very proud of the outcome, which is quite intense, and well illustrated.

9 A Very Merry Christmas For Somebody

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The snow seems to be falling, and yet these two anime girls, wearing hardly anything at all, don't seem to mind the cold one bit. I say good for them, and good for us. Whoever drew this wanted something sordid for Christmas, and so they gave themselves the best gift they could think of.

8 Demon Tomboy

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While it's clear that the proportions of this anime character are far beyond what would physically be possible, that is what anime, especially for those with exotic tastes, is all about. It's clear that this illustrator has a pretty strong focus for the female anatomy, especially the female demon anatomy.

7 Flowing Lavender Locks

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The braids on this girl are a nice touch, the illustrator at least made some time to draw those on the anime girl. Of course, that's not what they spend most of their time on, or their focus, that's clear, but still. For some reason I want to go swimming now...

6 Ready To Go

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An anime girl by requirement must have certain holes in her outfit, and in very specific places. It's apparently an unwritten rule that no clothing can cover their chest. In this girl's case, the illustrator made extra sure that this rule was nowhere near violated.

5 All About That Angle

via imgur.com

With flowing hair and buxom curves, this anime girl is about as traditional as it gets when it comes to stylistic elements, as well as, other, elements. Her white and blue outfit is merely a backdrop, a highlight, of what's more important in the picture. The illustrator must have been pretty excited to do this one.

4 Her Head's Too Small

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Fans of anime who love drawing are not all equivalent when it comes to skill. With practice and pointers, anyone can draw, but not everyone has an innate knack for drawing. This person seems to really enjoy drawing, but hasn't spent time on things like adequate head size. Just adequate sizes for... other things.

3 It'll Last Longer In A Frame

via storenvy.com

Seems like this fan has a little bit of a lonely fixation, spending a lot of time drawing these scantily clad ladies in anime style. It's hand drawn, too, not digital like many of the others in this lineup. Put that girl in a frame, it'll last longer. Though the illustrator still might not.

2 Staring Into Those Emerald Eyes

via picdeer.com

This sketched anime girl was done with a digital drawing app, perhaps for a phone or tablet, and it's clear that it was done by someone who has a passion for anime, though perhaps not a huge amount of skill yet. But, with girls like these to draw, it makes sense to keep practicing.

1 Not Exactly Battle Ready

via ebaumsworld.com

Why both of her feet are in the air is a mystery, why she's got a martini and a gun is a mystery, why her battle wings are deployed is a mystery, and why she isn't just sitting in a chair is a mystery. But all that really matters is that we can get as revealing of a view as possible of her impossibly anime figure, right?

Sources: Pinterest, Miscellaneoushi, Boing Boing

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