15 Little-Known Facts Steve Harvey Wants To Keep On The DL

Evidently, a man that loves to keep busy, at the time of this writing Steve Harvey hosts several major shows and he recently had another one canceled. On top of appearing in front of the camera on TV most days, he also serves as an executive producer on all of the shows he currently hosts and he has also been a television creator in the past.

Given all of Steve Harvey’s incredible achievements and the amount of time he has spent speaking to his TV audience, you may think that his fans know just about everything about him. However, there are several aspects of his life that most people have no idea about. With that in mind, it is time to take a look at this list of 15 little-known facts about Steve Harvey.

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15 He’s a Messy Guy

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Due to the fact that Steve Harvey clearly puts a lot of effort into making sure that his look is on point, you may think that he is just a meticulous when it comes to his home. However, during an appearance on Dr. Phil, his wife said: “If you are ever looking for Steve, you never have to wonder where he is because there is a trail” in reference to the messes he makes.

14 He Has a Cleveland Namesake

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Throughout Steve Harvey’s career, it has seemed very clear that he really wants to have a positive impact on his fans. Fortunately for him, he can rest assured that he made his mark on Cleveland, the city his family lived in for years, as their mayor Frank Johnson named a street in Steve’s honor.

13 He Was Sued for a Ridiculous Reason

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Obviously, a man with a taste for the finer things, Steve Harvey agreed to lease a private jet once its owner changed the seating arrangement and put in new carpeting the comedian had desired. Strangely enough, once the jet’s owner spent $400,000 to make the jet meet Steve’s demands, he backed out of the deal which led to a lawsuit that was settled out of court.

12 He Went to School With Another Famous Funny Man

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When Steve Harvey earned his place among Kent State’s student body in his youth, he likely thought it would provide him with the chance to rub shoulders with many people who’d go on to success. What he never could have realized, is that he would meet another comedy legend who also a student there, Arsenio Hall.

11 He Chose to End His Popular Sitcom

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In this day and age, most actors are overjoyed to be a part of a successful TV show for years on end. On the other end of the spectrum, The Steve Harvey Show remained popular when its star decided the series needed to end. In fact, the show’s final season only consisted of 13 episodes as the network couldn’t convince Steve to remain a part of the series any longer than that.

10 Steve Almost Missed Out on the Opportunity of a Lifetime

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When people look back on Steve Harvey’s career, there are a few watershed moments including the first time he performed on the Showtime at the Apollo stage. Amazingly enough, he almost missed that show because he couldn’t afford to travel to New York City. Fortunately, he was able to land a couple of last minute gigs in Florida and used the money he made to travel across America.

9 Giving Back

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Able to make a living as an actor, comedian, and TV host, Steve Harvey has been very fortunate in his life which is why he is happy to pass on some of his money and time to those in need. In fact, alongside his wife, he created the Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation which helps provide mentoring and education to fatherless children.

8 He Spent a Lot of Time Working on a Farm as a Kid

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When it comes to Steve Harvey’s highly successful career, there are a lot of factors that went into all he has achieved. Probably chief among them is the fact that the man’s work ethic is off the charts. As it turns out, Steve learned to always put in his best efforts when he was sent to work on a farm during the summer months throughout most of his youth.

7 Steve’s Father Worked Hard For His Living Too

As we touched on during the previous entry, Steve Harvey is known for his willingness to work himself to the bone with a smile on his face. That said, no matter how much time Steve spends on the job, it must seem easy to him when he compares his career to his father’s. This is the case because Steve’s dad made a living as a coal miner.

We wonder if Steve's daughter will work as hard as her father did.

6 For Several Years His Living Quarters Were Less Than Ideal

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For those of you who don’t realize it, the truth of the matter is that Steve Harvey truly has led a rags to riches life. For proof of this fact, look no further than the fact that he lived in his Ford Tempo for 3 years. In fact, during that time he used a cooler as a fridge and he cleaned himself in gas station and hotel bathrooms.

5 He Got Started in Comedy Late in Life

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Even though Steve Harvey is 62-years-old at the time of this writing, there really aren’t any signs that he is going to slow down anytime soon. Perhaps, that has something to do with the fact that Steve began his comedy career relatively late in life. In fact, he was 27-years-old when he performed for a crowd for the first time.

4 He Had Some Interesting Pre-Fame Jobs

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Given that you now know that Steve Harvey’s comedy career began when he was 27-years-old, that may leave you wondering, what did he do to make money before that? Evidently, restless during those years, he took on many jobs including delivering mail, selling insurance, and working at a Ford auto plant.

3 He Has Remained Friends With a Disgraced Man

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If you ask us, respect for your elders is one of the best personality traits that anyone can have. However, that can be taken too far and appreciation for the people that came before you can be misplaced. A perfect example of that, in 2015 Steve Harvey told The Hollywood Reporter that he was still friends with Bill Cosby because “when I'm your friend, I'm your friend".

2 He Had An Unfortunate Nickname as a Kid

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As a professional comedian, actor, and TV host, Steve Harvey’s ability to captivate with his voice has allowed him to make a name for himself. For that reason, it is surprising that his childhood nickname was Va-Va-Vroom because he had a pronounced stutter. Eventually able to overcome that issue, a local deli worker taught Steve to say difficult words in his head 3 times before trying to say them.

1 His Real First Name Is Very Different Than Steve

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Known to the world as Steve Harvey, it may surprise many of this comedian’s devoted fans that his parents called himself something else at birth. Said to have been named after an actor from the TV show Highway Patrol, his birth name actually is Broderick Stephen Harvey. We have to say, it really is hard to picture the world calling this funny man Broderick.

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