Apartment Living Necessities: 10 Reasons You Need a Handheld Vacuum

Handheld vacuums have been around for more than 40 years. They're the perfect tool for small spaces and quick clean-ups. They've come a long way from the crumb busters of the 1980s. Handheld vacuum are quieter and more powerful than ever.

If you haven't checked one out recently you could be missing out. Many households opt to skip the stick vac or upright vacuum altogether and stick to a portable version. There are plenty of reasons to opt for a handheld. Read on to find out more.

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10 Clean Up A Crisis Quick

Little home catastrophes are unavoidable. We've all been there, you just finished sweeping and mopping only to drop a 5-pound bag of flour. You could pull out your broom and manually sweep it up but that just pushes messes around, its time consuming and hard on your back.

You could also lug out a bulk floor vacuum, but that's a huge inconvenience. A handheld vacuum takes all of the hassle out of cleaning up a big mess. Whip out a small vacuum, and, before you know it, you're back to a pristine home.

9 Economy

An upright vacuum can carry a staggering price tag. If you're shopping for an upright vacuum, you can expect to pay at least $2,000. Some high-end models can easily cost more than $1000.

Handheld vacuums are much more economical. They can even be found for less than $50. if you want to build a collection of cleaning tools on a budget a handheld vacuum is for you. Skip the expensive models and stick with something that will get the job done for less.

8 Goodbye Pet Messes

Pet parents know that their little loved ones generate some pretty big messes. Our furry friends shed on our furniture and leave tumbleweeds of fuzz on our floors. There's litter to track out of the box and sand to bring in from outside, yet we love our fur babies no matter how messy they are.

A lightweight handheld vacuum with a brush attachment is the number one tool to use in the war on shedding. Watch the hair disappear form your furniture and floors. Litter box cleanups are a breeze when you aren't carrying around an awkward upright vac.

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7 Easy Maintenance

Owning a vacuum means maintaining a vacuum. A large upright model includes a lot of working parts. Just emptying the dirt cup can be a major pain and create an even bigger mess. One of the benefits of a handheld vacuum is just how easy it is to empty. You can hold the entire vacuum over your trash can, ensuring that spills are instantly caught.

A smaller machine means that it's easier to clean as well. You could spend all afternoon and taking apart your upright and cleaning all of its nose and crannies. With a small handheld vacuum, the same job takes just a few minutes.

6 Hard Floors

A handheld vacuum is a perfect tool for a home with mostly hard flooring. If you have wall-to-wall carpeting you may want to consider an upright vacuum. Homes with hard floors can get away with less. Yet, hard floors easily show where dirt and grime is piling up.

You can pull out your handheld vacuum and quickly clean up these small piles to keep your floor looking better in between major cleanups. Handheld vacuums also do a great job on small area rugs. Unless you have hundreds of square feet of carpet to clean every day, a small handheld vacuum is more than enough to get typical household jobs taken care of.

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5 Power

You may have used a handheld vacuum in the 80s. If you were quick to adopt thee tools but weren't impressed, it's high time you took another look. Every product is refined and improved over time, but the handheld vacuum has come further than most. Advancements in hardware and manufacturing mean that today's tiny vacuums are more powerful than ever. These tiny appliances pack enough punch to tackle even the most heavy-duty messes.

4 Nooks And Crannies

There are so many hard to reach places in your home. You can't always lug a big upright vac into every corner, not to mention your hoses may not be long enough to reach.

The benefit of a handheld vac is that it isn't limited by the length of a hose. It's small enough to be held up high or pushed to the back of a cabinet. How many times have you stared at the crumbs the back of your pantry, wishing you could get your upright vacuum to that back wall. The handheld vacuum ensures that no crumb can escape your reach. Keep things bright and clean with this convenient tool.

3 Tiny Tool

Tiny living spaces have become very popular. However, less living space means less storage. If you find yourself light on closet space, you certainly don't want to fill it up with a bulky upright vacuum.

A handheld vacuum can easily fit in a cupboard or on a shelf. You could even hang it from a hook on the wall. Having small cleaning tools means they take up less storage space leaving you more room to put your things away and clear your house of clutter. Small spaces need to be kept tidy. Even the smallest mess in a tiny how can seem catastrophic.

2 Portable

One of the many benefits of a small hand-held vacuum is how easy it is to take it from place to place. While you're transporting it why not use it to vacuum out between the seats of your car. It's easy to get into tiny nooks and crannies like your center console, and it's the perfect tool for cleaning out vehicles and we're taking on the go.

If you own a camper or an RV, it could be even more helpful on a camping trip. Use it to clean up your tent before you pack it back up. Take it with you when helping out friends and family with cleaning jobs. Small enough that you could keep one in the trunk of your car at all times.

1 Movement

We've all had that frustrating moment when the cord of an upright vacuum is just a little too short. You either end up unplugging the vacuum or fruitlessly tugging on it while you desperately try to finish that one last corner.

With a handheld vacuum, that experience is a thing of the past. Many models are even completely cordless. That's right, you can clean your house without the hassle or limitation of needing to be plugged in. Forget looking for a place to plug in—you can just get right to cleaning and finish your chores and half the time.

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