Apple Watch Can Now Track Your Pow Adventures

Whether you're hankering to conquer the Olympian runs near Lake Tahoe or nervously consider navigating the bunny trails just outside of town, technology has come up with a way to monitor your performance on the slopes. In short, skiers, there's an app for that.

Actually there's a handful of apps that rolled out on Friday, thanks to the development of Apple Watch's upgrading that combines altitude readings with GPS tracking. They can measure everything from heart rate and distance to speeds and even calories burned once you get into the bindings and dig your poles into the snow.

Take Lake Tahoe for openers. The Squaw Valley slope that was the site for the 1960 Winter Games in California has its own app that comes with a list of features from real-time waiting period updates to any closures, and can monitor your location both vertically and horizontally. Additional must-haves include group messaging and an e-commerce site for purchasing lift tickets. Oh, there's more bells and whistles that can also calculate average speeds.

Another performance evaluation app that came out was Snoww, which not only calculates distance, speeds, and duration, it comes with a leaderboard feature enabling you to assess how you do against your pals on the slopes as you all compete to nab a virtual trophy once it's all over. Besides tracking how well your buddies are doing, a Siri accessory allows you to check on all that information by voice, given that your hands are wrapped up in the pole straps. Oh, and the fact that sub-zero temperatures might hinder your gloved fumble fingers when using the app.


Also included on Apple Watch is Ski Tracks, which checks your performance at the end of the day. It can also store photos you take on your trek and is available in nine languages.

Snocru also comes with features to allow you to compete competitively with others, but has the additional benefit of reporting on ski and weather conditions at more than 3,500 ski sites internationally. It also provides you with handy information on where to hang out after, whether it's a bar, restaurant, or even a ski shop.

And then there's Slopes, which monitors your heart rate and tracks horizontal and vertical distances, complete with a visual map of where you've skied. What's great about this app is that it also keeps track of length of waits, as well as the time you actually spend skiing. A bonus is that it's also applicable to snowboard enthusiasts.


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