Archaeologists Discover The World's Oldest Shipwreck

At the bottom of the Black Sea lies what archaeologists believe to be a shipwreck that is over 2,400 years old. The ship is so well preserved that archaeologists were able to identify the type of vessel and its intended purpose. This revolutionary discovery has excited researchers because it gives new information on the lives of ancient Greek seafarers.

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Discoveries like this shipwreck are not just exciting, but also important to know about. Relics from the past are windows that we can peer through to look back on what it was like to live in that era. What we learn help us improve the past mistakes our ancestors made—may it be technological errors or lapses of moral judgments. Furthermore, learning about history helps us understand the roots of different cultures, beliefs, and perspectives, and a common understanding allows us to grow more tolerant of each other despite our differences.

Via: Black Sea Map

The 23-meter ship was so well preserved due to the lack of oxygen at the bottom of the sea. Researchers believe it is the same type of vessel depicted on a renowned design painted on the ancient Greek wine vase, the Siren Vase. The painting depicts a similar ship with the hero, Odysseus, tied to the mast. Whatever cargo this ship used to carry is still unknown, but when discovered, it will be exciting to finally know all the adventures this ship once had.

The Greek ship was one of many shipwrecks found by a team of international archaeologists, scientists, and marine surveyors on their three-year mission. Their research is limited to the Black Sea, but they were able to find more than 60 ships at the bottom of the sea, including a 17th Century Cossack trading fleet. As their expedition continues, more and more is revealed on the stories, technology, and beliefs of the ancient world.

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The ships show us all the advancements we’ve made since ancient Greek times. While there is still a lot of room to improve, we can confidently say that the world has improved a lot from the dangerous seafaring days. Those times were turbulent, but it’s good to appreciate history and reflect on all the knowledge we have now that make our lives better thanks to the efforts of our ancestors. One day, someone will find the remains of a smartphone and wonder what it was like to live in those days as well.


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