20 Craziest Animal Dye Jobs

People have painted animals for centuries. For example, Native Americans would paint their horses for war. It was believed that different symbols and colors held magical or spiritual connotations, whi...

10 Ways To Bake With Tea

Tea immediately conjures up relaxing and comforting feelings of cozy afternoons on the couch or spending time with your family. But many don’t think about tea beyond drinking it. Well, guess what? The...

20 Kids Who Out-Dumbed Themselves

Being a parent of a kid at any age is challenging, especially when they refuse to think for themselves and end up getting into the weirdest situations or asking the dumbest questions ever imagined.

Silly Dog Refuses to Give Up a Baby Pacifier

Meet Max, a Golden Retriever who believes he is a human baby! In an attempt to fool his human, Max picked up a baby's pacifier to impersonate one of her fur-less children. Unfortunately for Max, his m...

Top 30 Dog Derps

According to dictionary.com, 'derp' is "an inarticulate response to a foolish or awkward comment, action, person, etc. Related forms include: derpy, derpier and derpiest".

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