Why Most People Would Say This One Odd Word to Prove They're Not A Robot

Apparently, the thing that sets human beings apart from robots has nothing to do with their brains or hearts, but rather, their feces.

According to Psychology Today, two cognitive scientists conducted the "Minimal Turing Test" where people and machines each said one word and based on that word a human judge would decide if the voice came from a person or not. It was part of their theory to explore what makes us humans so unique.

The test was conducted online in a survey format. One thousand people participated in the study. They were each given a choice of four hundred different words they could choose from to prove they were a person. Although there were several words used multiple times, the scientists found that there were four words that stood out above the rest.

"Love" was the most popular word used with 14% of people using that as their word. Other words that were consistently used were compassion which was chosen by 3.5%, "human" was picked by 3.2% and "please" was used by 2.7% of those participating in the test. When it came to selecting a word 47% of the participants chose a word related to the mind or what they were thinking at that moment in time.

The next step was to take the top words from all ten categories (love, please, mercy, compassion, empathy, banana, alive, human, robot, and poop), then pair them together. Two thousand people participated in the second round and had to determine whether or not a person created the pairing. The test findings discovered there was no correlation between the chosen word and the convincingness in the second round.

But, the most interesting part of this research was that the word that was human beings were able to tell that a human was saying the word when the word in question was "poop". It came out above all other words as the one that could best be used to set a human apart from a machine.

What does all of this research mean? Well, it says the people have excellent intuition when it comes from separating humans and machines. It also proved people would use words with emotion as computers have very little use for words that describe experience or feelings. The findings also show that despite how far technology has come machines are still not as smart as people.

One of the researchers involved in the test has shared this is useful information that can help them moving forward, as well as there should be more testing done on this subject matter.


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