Dozens Descend On Area 51 To "Naruto Run" Past The Guards And Find Aliens

At least 100 people were reported to have gathered outside the gates of Area 51 to attempt to break inside.

The Facebook event was once called "Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us," the idea being to simply amass thousands of people outside of Area 51 and then forcefully storm the gates. It was started by Californian Matty Roberts as a bit of a joke which quickly grew out of hand, amassing over 2 million attendees.

"If we naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets," the original post read, which has since been taken down. "Let's see them aliens."

Area 51 is notorious for being a highly classified US Air Force base that was rumored to be the center for American extraterrestrial investigation. In reality, the base was previously used for top-secret weapons development, and as such, the US Air Force was prepared to defend the base using deadly force if necessary.

This, naturally, put a bit of a damper on things as the Air Force wasn't getting the joke. Roberts then changed tack and tried to turn the event into a music festival held outside of Area 51, but that was also scrapped when it became clear such a move could become the next Fyre Festival.

At that point, Roberts split with some of his organizers. An official "Alienstock" Area 51-themed concert is being held in Las Vegas this weekend, but a smaller festival is still scheduled to take place in the town nearest to Area 51: Rachel, Nevada.

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About 100 of the people attending this smaller event gathered at the gates of Area 51 early Friday morning in an apparent attempt to fulfill the original Facebook event's promise of storming into the facility but were stopped by armed guards.

However, at least one UFO-fan managed to Naruto run past a cameraman reporting on the event.

UFOs are big news these days. The US Navy confirmed just a few days ago that footage taken from a fighter jet showing a UFO was real, and that the Navy still has no idea what the object was. It might be an even more top-secret military project, or it might be aliens.

Sadly, whatever answers are in Area 51 are still locked away from the public.

(sources: CNN, New York Times)

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