Argos' 'Half Christmas Trees' Are Perfect For Anyone With A Curious And Destructive Cat

Argos' 'Half Christmas Trees' Are Perfect For Anyone With A Curious And Destructive Cat

The Argos Half Christmas Tree is the perfect Christmas decoration for any home with a curiously destructive cat.

If you own a cat and you celebrate Christmas, then you already know that to a cat a Christmas tree is like a big, green, and glowing jungle gym for them to play on. What makes Christmas trees pretty for humans to look at makes them endlessly fascinating to cats, who will often spend hours exploring each and every branch of the tree.

Often to the detriment of the tree's ornaments.

Many an ancient family Christmas tree ornament has fallen victim to the careless paws of a curious housecat. Some cat owners would try to keep their furballs out of the Christmas tree through the use of water guns and screaming loudly, but this either proves to be ineffective or would freak the cat out to the point where it leaps from the tree and causes it to topple over.

If only there were some sort of tree that lazy cats found difficult to ascend.

Well, it seems that someone heard our prayers. Sold at Argos is a Christmas tree that’s missing the bottom half of branches. Appropriately called the “Half Christmas Tree”, this will keep your kittens on the floor and out of the fake Christmas foliage.


As you can see, the tree is a standard 6 feet tall but the branches stop about halfway up. The lowest branch has a diameter of 74 inches, making it a reasonable size, but being 3 feet off the ground makes it vastly more difficult for a cat to enter. The branches are also tighter together and generally a little more flimsy, so your feline friend shouldn’t feel tempted to leap inside.

Argos' 'Half Christmas Trees' Are Perfect For Anyone With A Curious And Destructive Cat
via Argos

On top of that, half a Christmas tree means it takes half as long to decorate. Win-win!

Each tree is made of fire retardant PVC and assembles easily out of the box. Normally available for £50, they’re on sale for £33.33 for the dry tree and £37.50 for a tree covered in fake snow.

Sadly, these trees seem to only be available in the UK and aren’t available in North America. But give it time--we’re sure there are enough cat owners demanding a cat-proof tree that it’ll only take a few years for sales to expand across the pond.


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