Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson Are Engaged? (20 Tweets)

Is everyone sitting down, because it’s about to get real.

Singer/songwriter Ariana Grande is apparently engaged to comedian Pete Davidson!

Why is this news breaking, you ask? Oh I don’t know, maybe it’s because they’ve been dating for around a month, she just ended a two-year relationship with rapper Mac Miller, and Pete just ended a two-year relationship with Cazzie David… MAYBE THAT’S WHY.

It all started around mid-May when there were random reports about Davidson and Grande seeing each other. After apparently meeting during her SNL appearance, the two started going ham on each other’s social media accounts, liking and favoriting everything. Rumors were confirmed on May 30th, when Davidson posted a photo of the two of them in matching Hogwarts gear. So, WHO would have thought that two weeks later the two would be engaged!? Not me, that’s for sure.

In popular fashion, SNL and Ariana fans collided hard when these two started dating. The two just got out of serious relationships and seemed to finally find some humor in life with one another. Especially since Ariana has been popping up on SNL for a few years. So, to find out these two have made their love OFFICIAL within a few weeks is...well, unfathomable. So without further ado, please appreciate these 20 tweets about this new engagement.

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20 Wait A Second...

This is sad to say, but many people assume people get married quickly because the woman "has" to be pregnant. I guess two people can't get engaged in under a month unless there's a pregnancy scare, right? Wrong. Who knows if Ariana is pregnant or not (I'm calling that one a rumor), but something tells me these two are just smitten with one another. Plus, just because they're engaged does not mean they have to get married in the next two weeks. Considering they don't know each other THAT well, I be they'll have a longer engagement.

I want to say there's no rush, but clearly these two are on their own speed and don't need my advice on when to get married.

I'm for this!

19 Wait... SAME!

What is it with people never throwing away their water bottles! Am I the only person who actually cleans up after myself? My partner always tosses his water bottles towards the trash can, but do they ever land in the bin? No. So now our bedroom has a trashcan with random water bottles floating all around it.

To make matters even funnier, my partner has not cleaned up those water bottles in the past month, which means that their relationship escalated quicker than I had the opportunity to take out the trash...

Just let that sink in for a minute.

18 Who Cares What Mac Thinks

As far as I'm confused, Grande/Davidson fans (do they have a couples name yet?) should just be floating around in the light of their relationship. They shouldn't be wondering what their exes thing. I mean, year, I'm sure both Mac and Cazzie are dumbfounded by this news, because to be honest, they're both probably not even over their exes yet!

I have a friend who is still getting over their ex and it's been over a year... 

If I'm being Frank, I don't even know if Ariana and Pete are completely over their exes. I'm sure love is still there but it's obviously a different kind of love than they have now.

17 Nice try IHOB

On the same day that it was released that Ariana and Pete announced their engagement, it was also released that IHOP was changing their name to IHOB... I repeat IHOB. Does it stand for International House of Breakfast (instead of pancakes)? Wrong. It apparently stands for "burgers."

However, it was apparently all a joke. IHOP will continue to be called IHOP, however, they want to emphasize that they are no longer JUST a breakfast place, they wanna be known for their insane burger list as well.

So I'm sure they were peeved when Ariana and Pete took their shine.

16 They Are Sims!

I haven't played Sims in a LONG time, but one of my favorite things was making my Sims fall in love. I would always create Sims after myself and my crush and FORCE them to live together and kiss. However, things got awkward when I was talking about my Sims characters and he wanted to see them... The problem was I couldn't show him my Sims because they looked JUST like us!

He would have known immediately that I was at home planning our entire future together at the age of 13. SMH.

Thankfully, he never saw my Sims. But Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson certainly are acting like my characters.

15 Step Aside Haters

Maybe us fans are being too hard on Ariana and Pete. There really is no rule on when a person should get engaged or married. A couple can do whatever they want to do; whatever makes them the happiest and healthiest. I just think we're so used to seeing celebs go off and on with their partners for so long, that seeing two people fall for each other in a matter of weeks is eye-opening.

But hey, whatever works! These two are flying at their own speed and don't seem to care what anyone thinks about it. But, as a side note, did these two even meet one another's parents yet or... will they meet on their wedding day?

14 Mac Needs To Relax

It's been known that Mac Miller has had substance issues for a while, telling Noisey that he's been doing certain substances off and on since he was 15 years old. So when he Mac Miller crashed his car and got a DUI on May 22nd, fans were quick to blame this behavior on his breakup with Ariana. But is that fair?

Is it fair to blame a sober woman for the actions of her ex partner?

Ariana was quick to tell haters to leave her name out of Mac's mess and that as a grown man, he can figure his own life out.

Saying that, let's see what verses he drops now that he's single and his ex of two years is already engaged.

13 It's A Waiting Game

OMFG, every single celebrity does this. They write out a little message on their 'notes' app on their iPhone and then post it to their social media accounts. I'm pretty sure it's some sort of unwritten rule that anytime a couple breaks up, a curtesy note is given. Celebs don't really need to explain themselves for staying together or breaking up, but it's the world we live in. Fans need to know everything, I guess.

I don't want to doom this couple already, but I guess I wouldn't be surprised if this tweet came to life. It's nothing against the couple, it's just the fact that they're being judged constantly in the public eye. And that's a lot to deal with for any new couple.

12 'I'm Mourning'

There are a bunch of people who have their own crushes on Davidson and Grande, but are not a fan of them as a couple. Whenever we have crushes on a celebrity, it's always a bummer when we learn they're happy with someone that's NOT us. If only we were super talented and appeared on SNL to meet one of them!

I don't know why this tweet makes me cry with laugher, but it does. 

Maybe it's the fact that she's acting like one of them died instead of them both committing to one another in a loving relationship that makes me chuckle. No, wait... It's the "mourning" part just made me lose it.

11 SAME!

Similar to the water bottle tweet, I'm also vibing hard with this laundry tweet as well. Have I done laundry in the past three weeks? Okay, I did a very SMALL load of whites, but all of my other clothes are still unclean. I envy those who do their laundry daily or weekly. I honestly don't do laundry until I run out of underwear. It's not that I don't appreciate the smell of clean clothes — it's the fact that I'm lazy AF and I'd rather wear a shirt five times until I FINALLY drop a piece of food on it.

10 Good To Know

Honestly, I don't know Ariana personally, but she does seem like a super chill chick. In the past couple years she's been linked to Mac Miller (obviously), Ricky Alvarez, Big Sean, and Jai Brooks. The singer is young, but she knows what she likes. And she obviously found everything she likes in Pete Davidson. She's a strong enough woman to say no to something if she really didn't want to get engaged to Pete. Truthfully, I wish I knew more about the two as individuals to find out what they have in common! 

What do these two talk about at night? SNL jokes? 

I know it's none of my business, but I'm interested.

9 It Was A Busy Day

Pushing the Grade/Davidson engagement aside for a moment, IHOP tried to the spotlight from everyone else in the world for "changing" their name to IHOB. However, not everyone thought what they were doing was funny. In fact, other restaurant chains decided to to poke fun at pancake house.

To prove who will forever be the burger king, Burger King changed their name to Pancake King for a few hours while IHOP was having their 10 minutes of fame. We've always known that Wendy's social media accounts were ruthless, but apparently Burger King is coming in HOT with the clapbacks. Good for them. I'm glad all fast food chains are stepping up to the plate.


For anyone claiming that these two are not engaged and that these are all rumors — there is some proof attached. For starters, the two were TELLING people they were engaged at John Mayor's birthday party! And if that wasn't proof enough, here's some images of Ariana wearing her engagement ring! The two apparently hit up Disney World with some friends and she had the ring out to play.

Ariana is already a very petite woman, so with a rock like that on her hand, she looks even smaller. 

Did these two even pick out rings together or did Pete literally nail this one on the head? That ring looks like it belongs on that ring finger.

7 Yikes...

To be honest, we shouldn't really be feeling bad for anyone. Sure, Mac had a DUI shortly after their breakup, but what do we really know about Davidson's ex? For all we know, she broke up with him and is happier than ever. Maybe she's in her own relationship as well?

Pete has not been shy about his mental health, admitting that he is bipolar. He has been very open with his diagnosis and battling it the best he can. And since he was with his ex for two years, she's clearly been with him through some of the darkest days of his life. But hey, maybe them no longer being together will be better for both parties. Maybe Ariana understands mental health on a deeper level and wants to be there to help Davidson.

6 That's Pretty Negative...

Listen, for all I know, @SantasiaSays could be right. Maybe these two did rush into things when they're both not fully healed from the tragedies in their past. That being said, just because two people have been through some hardships does not mean they don't deserve love or affection.

Come on, people! Where's the love?!

A person with Bipolar Disorder is ALLOWED to be loved and to love someone else. Their disease does not define them — nor should it. As far as the Manchester attacks are concerned, Ariana will probably always be scarred from that night, but that doesn't mean she can't find happiness of her own.

5 Married In Vegas

I am not a betting gal, but I kind of want to put some money down, saying that these two are totally gonna get married in Las Vegas. I mean, they sped through their entire relationship, why not had a quickie marriage as well?

I always thought that after six months, the honeymoon phase kind of washes away and the small things in a relationship aren't really THAT exciting anymore. These two have obviously been dating for a few weeks, but I hope they hold marriage off for at least a year until they get to know each other a little better... You know, go through some hardships and build a life together first.


Pete Davidson has A TON of tattoos. However, fans noticed something a few days after these two were rumored to be dating...

They both shared the SAME cloud tattoo. Thinking it was just a coincidence that these two enjoyed clouds, Davidson made everyone kick themselves when he got not one, but two tattoos as a tribute to his new girlfriend. He got the initials AG (HMM, I WONDER WHO'S NAME THAT IS...) on his finger and Arian's outline of her rabbit mask on his neck, behind his ear.

If we thought inking each other for life was moving fast, imagine a shotgun wedding.

3 I Don't Think I've EVER Liked Someone This Much

I agree with Gabriella. I don't think I've ever liked someone THIS much in a span of a month. It takes me a month just to wheel a date, let alone get matching tattoos AND an engagement ring!

The life of a celebrity is fascinating, isn't it? It's another world.

If these two were normal people and pulled this kind of stunt, their parents and friends would be OUTRAGED. But since they're young and famous, this kind of behavior is kind of acceptable, I guess. (Key words: I guess.) If I pulled this kind of surprise on my mom... let's just say I would be shunned for at least 24 hours.

2 I Hope This Won't Happen

Nobody (AND I MEAN NOBODY) wants to see two good people get hurt. Ariana Grande really does seem like a great woman — and so does Pete Davidson (well, he's not a woman, but you get it). Thinking of how vulnerable both Ariana and Pete are, I don't think anyone wants to see them walking around with crossed out tattoos and tears in their eyes.

That's why I think they should wait a little bit before ACTUALLY getting married. Taking the time to cool down and live a "normal" life for a bit could be best for these two. But, time will tell.

1 Straight From The Horse's Mouth!

(Honestly, who started the whole "straight from the horse's mouth" saying? Why is a horse speaking and why is it coming from them?)

After it was revealed that Grande and Davidson were engaged, fans RUSHED to social media to see if there was an announcement. And while there wasn't an official announcement, there were pictures of the two at Disney World with her engagement ring on, AND she tweeted a few tweets—like the one above—to kind of tell fans that it's true.

The tweet is a little... brief, but you can almost feel the happiness exuding from the tweet. So, cheers to Ariana and Pete, I guess...


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