Arrow: 20 Behind The Scenes Photos

Arrow is a TV series that’s been going on since 2012. For those not in the know, IMDb reminds us that it’s a take on the Green Arrow character originally created by DC comics. Honestly, we don’t need to know much else in order to get into the show. The series is really accessible, and very interesting for even those who aren’t interested in superhero stuff. Okay, so the show is good. What’s the big draw to this series? What sets it apart from any of the other dozen superhero shows currently released? The answer, friends, is the behind the scenes action.

Arrow has some incredible behind-the-scenes shots, and we’re here to reveal all the juicy photos. Superheroes aren’t just for saving the world anymore. They’re here to make friends, act out, and take some hilarious selfies. Get ready to see what we mean.

20 Best Friends Even Off Screen


These two dudes definitely play characters on the show, but guess what? They play the role of friends in real life as well! Green Arrow is the central feature in this show. It’s so interesting to see who he is off screen that we almost forget he’s a star. This photo helps merge those two ideas: he’s a star, but he’s also just a regular guy hanging with a buddy.

19 And Maybe More Than Best Friends For Some


Everyone always says young adults like technology too much. This photo is one that shows just how much one actor on the show actually likes it! Or maybe she was just doing it for the comedy. After all, if we saw a robot mannequin on set with us, we’d probably decide to give it a smooch too. You know, for the ‘gram.

18 This Behind Behind The Scenes Photo


We don’t really need to say what the feature of this photo is, right? Obviously actors have to be in good shape. They’re moving, talking, and sometimes even dancing and singing (thought not necessarily in this show). Superheroes especially need to be in good shape in order to save the world; this one certainly is.

17 This Cheeky Looking Arsenal


Oh, Arsenal. We think he’s channeling some Loki vibes here using this cheeky pose and winning smile. Slick and smooth, this actor is one who tends to steal the scene whenever he’s in it. Not in a bad way! But like, c’mon, with a face like that, we probably wouldn’t be able to resist the camera either!

16 And This Calm, Cool, And Relaxed Green Arrow


This photo is pretty funny just because of the fact that Green Arrow is not what we would describe as “chill”. Tony Stark is chill. Spider-Man can be chill (when he’s not dealing with teenage anxiety). Deadpool? Chill. Green Arrow is a rough and tumble superhero whom we just can’t picture chilling out like this. Surprise!

15 The Team Is Totally In It Together


No matter what, the cast of Arrow is in it together. They’ve been working together for years now; most casts say that when they’ve been together for so long it almost feels like a little family unit that’s formed. This cast seems to be no different, as they all like to sit together even when they’re off screen.

14 Even When They're Waiting For A Battle


Outside of a comic convention we’re pretty certain we would never see this regular looking dude standing in front of a superhero. Not only does this juxtaposition look funny because of its unlikeliness to happen, but the fact that they all look like they’re watching something happen together. That’s true teamwork: standing by each other no matter your outfits.

13 They Just Like Lifting Each Other Up


Figuratively and literally, apparently! This photo shows some of the main gentlemen on the show lifting up Emily Bett Rickards. This adorable star is one who plays a very smart woman on the show. While she certainly signifies intelligence and independence, it’s nice to see them all bonding together and helping to lift her up.

12 It's Hard For Them To Look Serious


Yes, DC is often gritty and dark. Yes, Arrow is a show about a vigilante superhero. Yes, there’s a lot of serious content. Does that mean all of Arrow’s actors are serious all the time? Clearly not! They might try to be, but it seems like every opportunity for a serious photoshoot they just tend to take the opportunity to be a little silly.

11 Even Superheroes Need Screen Time


We wake up with it, we wind down with it, we entertain ourselves on the bus with it. Screen time may not be the best for our health, but it’s certainly something we love. While we often idolize superheroes as being perfect, it seems like they need to indulge in a little idle screen time sometimes, too!

10 They're Always Ready For Battle


These two are locked and loaded and ready to head into battle at the drop of a hat. That’s the sign of a good team! While Arrow doesn’t focus a ton on the team dynamic (at least when compared to the Avengers or Fantastic 4 franchises) Green Arrow definitely wouldn’t be able to do everything on his own.

9 Unless, Of Course, They're Relaxing


Stand down, team. Nature is okay for now. And when nature is protected, what’s a team of superstar superheroes to do? Relax, rejuvenate, and rock the camera lense in a less professional sense. This group of on-screen team members are looking casual and confident, enjoying what looks like Vancouver’s nature scene.

8 Sometimes They're Not Eager To Be In Front Of A Camera


Even actors who love being in front of the camera sometimes need a little time to step away. We personally think that Stephen Amell does a great job as Arrow. But does he ever wish he could take a break? Take off the hood and just hang out? We were curious until we saw this photo. Looks like even the Arrow can’t handle 24/7 camera time.

7 That Doesn't Mean He Can Choose A Stand In Though


Because, let’s be real, actors love attention. Even if he doesn’t want to be on screen all the time, he doesn’t want anyone stealing his spotlight. That’s why this mannequin seems to have been gifted the mantle of Green Arrow. We’re not sure the producers would be too happy with this choice, though; the mannequin’s acting is a bit stiff.

6 Just Regular Guys, Having A Regular Park Day


Yup, nothing to see here, just two regular guys hanging out in a regular park, dressed in totally regular clothing. Just kidding! There’s definitely something funny here, and it would cause any casual passerby to look twice. Maybe it’s the armour or maybe it’s the sword; whatever catches our eye first, it has to be Arrow’s behind-the-scenes.

5 What A Glamorous Party


One of the ways people in the big leagues and little leagues of movies get away with posting behind-the-scenes shots is to turn them from color to black and white. From a practical stand point it helps hide details. From an aesthetic standpoint it gives us these glamorous shots of actors standing by- jackets and all!

4 Acting Is Very Serious Work


Acting is one of those jobs that’s hard to take seriously. After all, it’s a bunch of adults playing dress up and, in this case, playing around on spinning chairs. We get that it’s hard work sometimes. There’s obviously a lot that goes into creating and embodying a character. But seriously: this doesn’t look like a difficult day.

3 See? Basically An Office Job


This seems to be something known as a table read. All the actors and producers gather around a big table and read through the script to see what happens. This is what goes on before they even get on set; not to mention all the other line learning these actors go through in order to be ready for the big day!

2 Okay, Maybe A Little More Fun Than An Office Job


Let’s be real: nobody in an office ever smiles this big unless they’re in the middle of clocking out for the day, right? While there’s aspects of film and TV production that are similar to any regular old joe job, they ultimately always seem like they’re having more fun. We personally really like the idea that this is the joy behind Arrow’s creation.

1 All In All, It's Cool To See The Behind The Scenes Magic


At the end of the day, film and tv production is a kind of very well crafted magic. Shot after shot, line after line, those of us who are fans of watching can only imagine what it’s like behind-the-scenes. Thankfully we have these photos to live vicariously through, and to pretend that we’re behind the monitor with them.

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