Arrow: 20 Things Fans Ignore About Oliver and Felicity's Relationship

When Arrow first debuted back in 2012, nobody knew how much of an impact it would later have on not only the CW network but on the TV landscape. It created the Arrowverse and now we have shows like Supergirl, The Flash, and DC Legends of Tomorrow.

Unlike the comics, creators of the show decided to go for a different angle with Oliver Queen when they paired him up with Felicity Smoak. The couple, known as Olicity, has sparked one of the most enduring romances in the Arrowverse, causing endless delight to fans.

Like any couple though, they have problems. Problems that have torn them apart every now and again, but they always found their way back to one another.

Here are 20 of those problems that make no sense.

20 The Loft Where They Lived


The loft that Oliver and Felicity once shared has seen many owners since first appearing in the show.

According to screenrant.com, the loft originally belonged to Thea Queen, Oliver’s sister, but she gave management to Oliver after he moved in and then left. Later, when Felicity and Oliver began dating, she moved in.

Here’s where it gets confusing. After they broke up, Oliver moved out, but it was his loft. Why was he the one to leave?

19 How Insensitive Felicity Is About Lian Yu

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Throughout the course of the show, we have seen quite a few flashbacks that have informed us how much Oliver suffered while on the island. One would think, that with Felicity knowing what horrors he suffered while there, she would be sympathetic towards him.

According to beauty-milk.com though, she isn’t. In fact, at one point when Oliver is on the island with Sara Lance and Shado, Felicity calls it “Fantasy Island.”

18 Oliver Seems To Make All His Decisions Without Even Considering Her

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Oliver is known for his impulsive nature, which has caused a lot of problems among his family and friends. Specifically, Felicity, who has been left out of the loop quite a few times.

According to screenrant.com, there are times when a decision needs to be made right then and there and Oliver doesn’t have time to ask her opinion, but what about all the times when he does?

17 Felicity Became Passive In Season Six, While Oliver Became A Vigilante Again


Felicity is known for being outspoken. She has even told Oliver off quite a few times over the years.

According to beauty-milk.com though, once they were married, she stepped back and became what some would say passive. Part of this could have been because William needed at least one parent there for him, but that doesn’t mean she had to lose her outspokenness.

16 They Over Complicated Their Relationship Way Too Much Any Time They Broke Up


Over the last few years, Oliver and Felicity have numerous break-ups. What confuses us though is that even when they were broken-up, they were still a bit on.

According to screenrant.com, Oliver and Felicity never really knew how to take a step back from one another while on break, which resulted in them overcomplicating their relationship. They needed time to let their issues simmer out, but instead, they would just let them keep boiling up.

15 Oliver Expected Felicity To Always Put Her Life On Hold For Arrow

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Oliver is very serious when it comes to his vigilante work. It’s almost like he has tunnel vision and he typically tends to prioritize it over everything else.

According to beauty-milk.com, from the beginning, Oliver has always expected Felicity to drop everything and help him. In the end, his arrogance resulted in her getting fired from her job at Tech Village.

14 Felicity’s Involvement With Helix


Throughout the course of the show, we have seen flashbacks to the main characters' earlier life, which is how we learned that Felicity was once a hacktivist.

When Helix came into the picture, she once again became a hacktivist in order to get information on Prometheus.

According to screenrant.com though, she did this without talking to Oliver. Seeing as she knows how being left in the dark feels, she would have at least talked to Oliver first.

13 Both Of Them Are Very Jealous People


Jealousy seems to be the downfall in a lot of relationships.

According to beauty-milk.com, Felicity’s jealousy results in bouts of insensitivity and passive-aggressiveness. For example, the way she jokes sometimes about Lian Yu is because of her jealousy.

Oliver on the other hand, becomes more violent and suspicious, not towards Felicity, but towards her love interest such as Barry and Ray Palmer.

12 Oliver Got Mad Felicity Spilled The Beans To The Flash, Even Though It Saved His Life

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A few seasons back, Oliver was injected with an unknown toxin that was about to end his life. As a last-ditch effort to save his life, Felicity asks Barry for help in removing the toxins from his system.

According to screenrant.com, after they successfully counteract the toxins, Oliver comes around and realizes what Felicity has done and is absolutely furious.

He seriously needed to take a chill pill, at least she went to someone trustworthy.

11 They Keep A LOT Of Secrets From One Another


When in a relationship, one thing a couple wants to avoid is to keep secrets from one another.

According to beauty-milk.com though, Felicity and Oliver have a habit of not telling one another what’s going on, which in turn, has caused a lot of suspicion and resentment over the years. Many a time, it has ended with them breaking up because of it. Take the situation with Oliver’s son for example.

10 Oliver Kept Felicity In The Dark About His League Of Assassins Plan

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In season three of the show, we watch as Oliver goes down a pretty dark path, partly because of Sara’s tragic passing.

According to screenrant.com, when it came to Oliver and the League of Assassins, he was uncaring of Felicity’s feelings and left her in the dark with his plan. If he would have just informed her of his plan instead of doing things on his own, he might have saved himself a lot of hardship.

9 They Couldn’t Resolve Their Problems Until They Got Trapped Together


Typically, when a couple is having issues, they either seek help from outside sources like Barry and Iris did, or they sit down and talk out their issues.

According to beauty-milk.com though, it took getting locked in the bunker for Felicity and Oliver to finally work out their differences and get over their hostility towards one another.

The question is though, would they ever have worked things out if they never got trapped?

8 Felicity’s Need To Bottle Everything Up And Toss It Away Instead Of Dealing With It

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Felicity is a lady of many virtues, she is sweet, beautiful, funny, very smart and super polite.

According to screenrant.com though, she has issues processing her personal emotions. She has a habit of bottling them all up and shoving them deep down inside of her where they fester and end up boiling back up to the surface. For Felicity, this usually happens at the worst times.

7 The Star City 2046 Timeline


When it comes to the Star City 2046 timeline, fans were left with a lot of questions.

According to beauty-milk.com, some of the questions include: if Felicity and Oliver were married, why did she up and leave Star Metropolis? Also, why didn’t Oliver tell Felicity he was alive?

Those are just some of the parts of the timeline that left us confused and wanting answers.

6 Oliver’s Need To Keep William A Secret From Felicity


In season 4 of the show, Oliver learns that his ex-girlfriend Samantha had his child and that Moira paid her to lie to him and go into hiding.

According to screenrant.com, one would think that with Felicity’s knowledge and skills, Oliver would inform her of William. She could have helped protect him after all.

In true Oliver fashion though, he chose to keep William a secret.

5 How Felicity’s Relationship Issues Seem To Brew To The Surface At The Wrong Time

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Due to Felicity’s upbringing, it makes sense as to why she has such issues when it comes to relationships, issues that always seem to come up at the wrong time.

For example, according to beauty-milk.com, during Barry and Iris’ wedding, Oliver starts speaking about proposing to Felicity during the rehearsal dinner who then, in turn, starts yelling at him and making a scene.

Maybe they should have went somewhere private to discuss this?

4 Did They Have To Hijack Iris And Barry’s Wedding?


Fighting during Barry and Iris’ rehearsal dinner wasn’t enough, they had to go hijack their wedding too.

According to screenrant.com, The Flash followers were actually upset over this. They felt that Oliver and Felicity could have an alternative episode where they got married, but instead, they chose to steal Barry and Iris’s. Even Iris threw shade at them in the following episode.

3 Felicity’s Paralysis

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When Felicity became paralyzed in season 4, many fans were left in shock and thought that she may go the “Oracle” route.

Clearly this didn’t happen.

According to beauty-milk.com, Felicity instead stayed in a wheelchair until she and Curtis were able to develop a chip that would permit her to walk again.

The question is though, what was the point of this storyline?

2 Oliver Made That Deal With Agent Watson Without Talking To Felicity First


It seems as if every season of the show results in someone new finding out about Oliver’s vigilante alter ego.

According to screenrant.com, when it came to the plan between him and Agent Watson, he yet again decided to leave Felicity out of it. Seeing as they were married at this time, one would think he would let his spouse in on it.

He truly hasn’t learned his lesson yet obviously.

1 Normal Life Or Crime Fighting Heroes? They Really Need To Decide….


There are many definitions of what “normal” is. For Felicity and Oliver, normal means giving up a vigilante lifestyle and not having their lives constantly threatened.

According to beauty-milk.com, throughout the course of their relationship, they seem to go back and forth between normal and the superhero life. When one gets out, the other gets pulled back in.

They need to just stop trying and accept that being heroes is their normal.

Sources: screenrant.com and beauty-milk.com

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